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There are a number of news feeds ("RSS") available from Here's the complete list, along with a description. (Every feed is in RSS 2.0 format). Each feed's full URL is in this form:


Where somepage.rss is the name of the RSS feed as shown in the table below. Don't worry, they're all linked, so this is just for informational purposes. If clicking a link doesn't work, control-click the link, choose Copy Link Address (or whatever your browser calls it) from the pop-up menu, then paste that address in your newsreader.

Feed Name Description # of Hints
Main Feeds
osxhints.rss The main hints feed, for all new hints in all topics. 15,117+
commentfeed.rss The full text of all new comments made on the site. --
Site Related
hintspick.rss Pick of the Week software selections (one new entry per week, typically). 261
hintsnews.rss Site news announcements. 330
OS X System Topics
hintsosx.rss The System category, for general OS X tips. 2,185
hintsosx105.rss The System 10.5 category, for 10.5 system tips only. There are more 10.5 tips, though, available in the next feed. 357
leopard.rdf All 10.5 tips (including those in the above System 10.5 category) coded as 10.5 tips. 737
hintsosx104.rss The System 10.4 category, for 10.4 system tips only. There are more 10.4 tips, though, available in the next feed. 409
tiger.rdf All 10.4 tips (including those in the above System 10.4 category) coded as 10.4 tips. 971
hintsserver.rss OS X Server tips and tricks. 145
hintsdesktop.rss Tips on using the Desktop and Finder in OS X. 827
hintsclassic.rss Tips on using Classic (OS 9) within OS X. 89
General Software Topics
hintsapps.rss Application tips. By far the most-populated topic. 5,186
hintsinstall.rss Tips for installing software, both OS X and general applications. 192
hintsbrowse.rss Tips and tricks for the multitude of OS X web browsers. 943
hintsunix.rss All the Unix-related tips and tricks. 1,476
General Technology Topics
hintsinternet.rss Tips and tricks for working with the Internet. 374
hintsnetwork.rss Networking tips and tricks. 827
Hardware Topics
hintshwdesktop.rss Tips for desktop Macs, such as the PowerMac G5s and iMacs. 25
hintshwipod.rss iPod tips and tricks. 65
hintshwlaptop.rss Tips and tricks for Mac laptops -- iBooks, PowerBooks, MacBooks, MacBook Pros 124
hintshwpda.rss Tips and tricks for using PDAs (Palm Pilots, etc.) with OS X. 4
hintsiphone.rss Tips specifically about Apple's iPhone. 440
hintsphones.rss Tips about cell phones and how to make them work with OS X. 45
hintshwprinter.rss Everything related to making printers work in OS X. 82
hintshwscanner.rss Tips for connecting and using scanners. 10
hintshwstorage.rss Tips related to storage devices, such as CD/DVD burners, hard drives, tape drives, USB drives, etc. 57
hintshwother.rss Other hardware tips that don't fit any other category. 144

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