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What do you think is the most likely 'big news' to be announced at the WWDC Keynote on Monday?

1/1: What do you think is the most likely 'big news' to be announced at the WWDC Keynote on Monday?

Dual PPC 970 desktop shipping soon 201 (29.52%)
Single PPC 970 desktop shipping soon 141 (20.70%)
PPC 970 laptop shipping soon 16 (2.35%)
PPC 970 laptops and desktops both shipping soon 125 (18.36%)
iOffice, the next AppleWorks 37 (5.43%)
Apple acquires Roxio 9 (1.32%)
Panther will ship in July 86 (12.63%)
Other 8 (1.17%)
No big news; it's all just hype! 58 (8.52%)
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What do you think is the most likely 'big news' to be announced at the WWDC Keynote on Monday? | 5 comments | Create New Account
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Panther is likely, but is it "big" news?
Authored by: zacht on Jun 19, '03 08:32:30AM

I voted for 970 desktops & laptops. Not that I know what I'm talking about. Still, it seems to me like Panther shipping is the most likely thing in the list, but ... you know... If they said it would take another year, that would be big news. But "shipping soon"? Wellllll.... Then again, July is very soon. Hmmm....

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Year of the Desktop?
Authored by: seika7 on Jun 19, '03 01:47:07PM

If this is the year of the Laptop and they release a major update to the PowerMac, then what are they going to save for next year's big excitement?

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PPC 970 is ALL the change
Authored by: digitalone on Jun 19, '03 06:44:52PM

In my opinion, I think that we will see the 970 in both laptop and desktop form factors. This is based on the specs from IBM touting its power management and low (relatively) consumption. It will of course be a dual-processor and beyond capable chip, so Apple will have little problems adapting G4 SMP technologies to the new chip. Also, the 970 is a smaller chip overall, and supposedly generates less heat than current G4's (that remains to be seen by me, I'll believe it when I see it) so I don't think that it will represent as much of a technical challenge to adapt it over 2 form factors this quickly, especially not for such a notoriously good engineering team like Apple's.

I think that Panther is really going to represent a 64-bit version of Jaguar, with some sweeping changes- aka design flaw and bug fixes- made with the jump in the version.

So really we won't see too much new, maybe some more aesthetics or ease of use features. These are typically easy to code and can help make a thin release appear thicker, so the user may think that they are getting their moneys worth. I hate to make the comparison- but Windows XP over win 2000, not a real big jump in structure but lots of new "features". This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as users don't see or understand functions that deal with that low level technical detail. The user may be benefitting tremendously and not know it, but what they see is nothing new.

Why else would you have to do so much engineering on an OS only a year after the last major release? Especially when it is a well functioning system in the first place??
Major changes in the paradigm on which the hardware and therefore low-level OS code is, in my opinion, why we are seeing such a change so quickly.

But, again, that is just my humble opinion.


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Most likely v. Most WANTED
Authored by: Wayne_S on Jun 20, '03 10:52:02PM
I voted for the dual PPC 970 desktop as the most likely, mainly because of the Slashdot posting that has been linked to far too many times already elsewhere (I wonder ... when was the last time Slashdot got Slashdotted? Anyway, I digress....)

For me at least, an iOffice suite would be the most WANTED. I'm proud that my machine is mostly Microsoft-free, but unfortunately I have a version of MS Office 98 that I run in classic because of some specific formatting functions in Word that just aren't well-supported in AppleWorks or Open/StarOffice.

One of the first modifications I made to my TiBook out of the box was to install Mozilla and delete IE. Of course, now Safari is my main browser, but for some tasks I need the cookie/image control that Mozilla provides. When I got Keynote I was able to get rid of PowerPoint, but I can't wait until I can FINALLY be computing in a 100% M$-free environment.

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Most Lusted-After
Authored by: Wayne_S on Jun 20, '03 10:55:30PM
I almost forgot -- how about a dual PPC 970 PowerBook. The instant lust object for geeks everywhere!

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