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What will be the biggest "surprise" Leopard feature revealed by Jobs on Monday June 11th?

1/1: What will be the biggest "surprise" Leopard feature revealed by Jobs on Monday June 11th?

100% resolution independence 346 (9.14%)
A brand new Finder! 1,356 (35.81%)
Built-in Windows/Linux virtualization support 491 (12.97%)
Dictation-capable voice recognition 95 (2.51%)
iLife'07 ('08?) bundled 147 (3.88%)
iWork'07 ('08?) bundled 56 (1.48%)
Multi-touch interface support 317 (8.37%)
Some unknown new application 302 (7.97%)
Spotlight will search for phrases 28 (0.74%)
zfs is the new default file system 420 (11.09%)
10.5 is actually OEM'd Vista Ultimate 229 (6.05%)
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What will be the biggest "surprise" Leopard feature revealed by Jobs on Monday June 11th? | 12 comments | Create New Account
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Maps app?
Authored by: Graeme_Smith on Jun 07, '07 12:39:16PM

I seem to remember rumor a while back about some kind of GPS integrated Google Maps Apple app called Maps that would integrate with a GPS iPhone.

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Authored by: ferret-slayer on Jun 08, '07 08:25:58AM

Phil Schuller's long-ago comments notwithstanding, I think this is the obvious feature-add, and I'm going to vote for it anyway.

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Things not to mention so consumers keep consuming
Authored by: macevangelist on Jun 07, '07 01:23:17PM

It's just top-secret because these new features require new hardware and they don't want people to stop buying speed bumps.

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Authored by: i5m on Jun 07, '07 02:50:38PM

The finder would definitely make the biggest surprise

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Authored by: jriskin on Jun 07, '07 04:27:33PM

I agree it would be the biggest surprise, but its probably also the least likely...I still yearn for the days of the user interface guidelines and consistent interface design.

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open iLife
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 07, '07 10:25:30PM

not much has been made about the iPhone photo management app. maybe apple will announce a windows version of iLife free (and bundled into OS X). talk about halo affect. the more apple products windows users use, the more likely they are to switch.

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New Finder (please uncle Steve, PLEASE?)
Authored by: woodgie on Jun 08, '07 01:55:01AM

OK, now here's the thing. I'm as much a card carrying Mac fanatic as anyone. I've been using Macs (well, technically Apples) since the Apple II. I'll always use a Mac etc.

However. The Finder. Fix it Apple, PLEASE!

What really yanks my chain is that The Finder, the lynchpin of your whole Mac experience is the biggest piece of flakeware available (network browsing anyone?)! I'm hoping that this 'complete 64bit rewrite' (close enough) Apple are touting includes a ground up rewrite and possibly even reTHINK of The Finder.

And I want the moon on a stick too.

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Finder...just so I can stop hearing about it...
Authored by: GORDYmac on Jun 08, '07 12:49:09PM

I'm so sick of the Finder Whiners. It works--and has always worked perfectly fine for me--except for undo, what's up with that?

Anyway...a new Finder gets my vote. No changes needed in its look, just under the hood IMO.

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Monday will find us listening to
Authored by: bauldrywc on Jun 09, '07 10:31:07AM

Steve announcing that Microsoft has purchased Apple. The amin changes are:
- The iPhone will be renamed iGates and use ham radio frequencies. To accomodate the embedded keyboard, the form factor will change to 12" x 5" x 2" and fit easily in most back packs.
- The updated MS-TV will use video tape, rather than expensive hard drives, to lower the cost.
- The Mac computer line will be replaced with Acers running a secretly developed over the past decade MS-Linux. Internet Explorer M8/07a-1.0 will be the only software that will run on the new configurations (except when in a special Commodore Pet emulation mode). The new cpus will require a minimum of 1 terrabyte of ram and 1 exabyte of hard drive space for the basic installation. A disk farm of 20 exabytes will be needed for a full install of MS-Linux Penultimate. All new systems will be completely portable, with the new technology breakthrough mercury/polonium power cells. The battery pack weighs approximately 400 pounds less its lead shield, and can be configured with an optional set of wheels for a small charge. THe pack powers a cpu for 20 minutes and completely recharges in 3 days when connected to a 3-phase, 440 v., 250A power source.

Enjoy the keynote...

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Monday will find us listening to
Authored by: GlowingApple on Jun 10, '07 08:47:30PM

10 Does that mean that Applescript will be replaced with BASICA?
20 I for one am sick of those 'repeat' loops.
30 Here's to 'goto' statements!

~Jayson <>

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Polonium doesn't need a lead shield
Authored by: Saminthemiddle on Jun 12, '07 08:12:40PM

Polonium doesn't need a lead shield, it's an alpha and beta emetter. A bit of aluminum foil will do just fine. Or glass, glass works too.

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Authored by: qubex on Jun 11, '07 03:05:04AM

Finder is simply crap. I can't wait for them to replace it with something reasonable. Just the other day it froze because I hadn't unmounted a network drive before putting the MacBookPro to sleep and resumed out of range - it sat there for fifteen minutes trying to grab the drive until I just powered the damn thing off.

Finder is hideous, flakey, unstable, unreliable: it has to go. I can't believe they've kept it this long.

Place me in the company of those who seek Truth, but deliver me from those who believe to have found it.

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