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What are your buying plans for the new Mac Pro?

1/1: What are your buying plans for the new Mac Pro?

No plans to purchase 1,083 (44.79%)
Already bought mine! 262 (10.84%)
Waiting for the next generation 428 (17.70%)
Purchase within three months 142 (5.87%)
Purchase within six months 169 (6.99%)
Purchase within a year 334 (13.81%)
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What are your buying plans for the new Mac Pro? | 23 comments | Create New Account
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Now ask us about a Core 2 Duo MacBook
Authored by: noworryz on Aug 15, '06 06:14:57PM

The one Apple didn't announce at WWDC 2006.

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What I ordered:
Authored by: jlukas on Aug 15, '06 08:14:27PM

3.0GHz, 1GB RAM, 250GB HD, ATI X1900 XT, BT&Airport, shipping Sept. 14th

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Re: What I ordered
Authored by: noworryz on Aug 15, '06 09:15:39PM

You know, I don't know why but women are never all that impressed when I tell them how big my RAM is or the clock rate of my CPU. Anybody have any suggestions for ways to discuss my Mac on a first date?

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Re: What I ordered
Authored by: babaloo on Aug 16, '06 03:36:16AM

Either the girl is a geek and you can talk about your specs (i.e. the ones of your Mac), or you better don't touch the subject "computer" at all on a first date.

What you can do though (if you're at your Mac) is to show what you have produced/created with your computer. Cos that tells about yourself.

And btw, I'm with your first comment. Personally I would like to see the next generation of the MacBook (Pro), cos that's what I would happily invest in.


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Re: What I ordered
Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Aug 16, '06 08:59:55AM

My wife was actually quite impressed with the Mac Pro. She usually thinks our G4 is fast enough... but she wants a Mac Pro now... and a Mac Book. :)

You just gotta pick the right women... if they don't already use Macs, and you can't convert them... keep looking. ;)

G4/Digital Audio/1GHz, 1 GB, Mac OS X 10.4.7 •

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Plan to avoid them
Authored by: Shawn Parr on Aug 15, '06 08:45:20PM

My Macbook is such a step up from what I have been using, I'm going to actively avoid using desktop machines from now on.


Well, if I don't know what I'm missing then I won't miss it. It is very valuable to me to be small and portable these days, and while those Mac Pro's look really beefy, and while I will always utilize all the power available, I'd prefer to live in ignorance then have another item that I have the gear lust for.

I think my wife prefers it this way also. :)

Maybe in a year or two I might get what is in the Macbook slot at that time so that I can give my current Macbook to the wife, but until then I'm very happy.

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Plan to avoid them
Authored by: FenrisUlf on Aug 16, '06 03:20:10PM

I too feel that way. I have a G4 tower and a G5 tower, but I really don't see the need for me to get a Mac Pro. The expandability comes at quite a price, but that's expected of cutting edge hardware. Those Macbook Pros certainly are nice, though. I have to admit, the internals beat the pants off the G5 (mostly because the Xeons don't need all that heatsink space....) 4 drive bays, ridiculously accessible to boot, and ram on a riser... it seems like a super machine.

I bought a MacBook Pro instead. It sails along, with no wires... I don't think I'll bother with a desktop now or in the future. My G5 will become my iPod movie compressor and server. :)

I love the new MacBook Pros. I also really enjoy the Macbooks too. Not having been much of a laptop guy in the past (last laptop I owned was a Celeron 466 Thinkpad)... I am seriously impressed by the Macbook line.

It's not that I don't like my G5, but now that I'm not tethered to a desk, it's opened up a whole new world of computing... heh.

Now, when VMware comes out, I'll be ready to run Linux on here... :) This is truly the best of all possible worlds... and it's first and foremost a Macintosh. It's a great time to be a Mac user. :)

Who are you that walk across the graves of giants at this late hour?

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Make mine a Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro 17" as well
Authored by: Bryan Pick on Aug 15, '06 08:53:11PM

I'd like mine to be a 17" with 2 Core 2 Duo CPUs with the second CPU only to work when plugged in AC. Carry the laptop to get the projects edited and approved then plug in the power and process quickly.

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Authored by: Grommet on Aug 15, '06 08:56:22PM

I'll be jumping on the second or third gen, just blew my current currency on the sweet-as-pie MacBook Noir.

The internal modifications are wonderful. I was disappointed with the G5 case as far as expandability went, but this is very welcome.

Apple made all the changes I had hoped for, with support for 4 hard drives like the later-gen G4 towers, and dual optical bays just means I'll be jamming another hard drive on that second cable.

I like the cheese grater case a lot more now. Still surprised there's no IR port on the thing for Front Row, however. Some say the revised displays will gain IR and an iSight. The only way a Cinema Display with a built-in iSight will work is if they gain the ability to pan and tilt.

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Another voting category required
Authored by: garythemacguy on Aug 16, '06 12:05:55AM

I "voted" for "No plans to purchase". Not because I don't fancy one, but because I can't afford one unless I win the lottery. :-(

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Creative Suite 3 will
Authored by: Gleddit on Aug 16, '06 12:34:00AM

Be the deciding factor for me - then it's a case of what is out there... if I feel the Mac Book is fast enough, then it's Bye, Bye desktop!

There's enough in the world for all, never enough for one man's greed

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Creative Suite 3 will
Authored by: morespace54 on Aug 16, '06 06:49:40AM

Same here...
I had a PowerMac G3 and a PowerMac G4 in the past years.
I liked them very much and they were quite useful for work. Then I bought a PowerBook G4 and now I'm planing on a MacBook because Mac Pro are so expensive (like the PowerMac were) and so... not portable! I need the power but rather have the portability (unless CS3 can't run properly on the MBP). Times, they are a changing!

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MacPro ... or whatever
Authored by: graemeaustin on Aug 16, '06 01:03:57AM

For me, it is not about whether it is a MacPro or not. The issue for the purchase will be whether or not I need a new Mac computer. As and when I do, I will see what is available at that time.

If the Intel machines can run the apps I use (Safari, MS Office, Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop) at a sensible speed then they will get my vote. If they do not I will scrabble around to find an old G4.

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I'm still on the previous bandwagon...
Authored by: RussellK on Aug 16, '06 06:11:20AM

...having recently bought (for myself here at work) a Quad 2.5 G5 tower.

It was too bad that Apple staggered the Intel releases so much (with the iMacs, Macbooks and Macbook Pros coming out with them but the towers delayed until later).

In an effort to upgrade our computers here at my office, we purchased 5 Quad 2.5 G5s, with plans to upgrade the remaining stations to new Intel iMacs very soon. Unfortunately, this means that while we're working to upgrade the entire office, we're also instantly creating extra IT headaches because some users will be on Intel machines and some will be on the G5s...

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Ordered mine on day one...
Authored by: alfrank on Aug 16, '06 07:17:24AM

...and will be receiving it tomorrow !

Smallest model: Quad 2 GHz, 160 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM, GeForce 7300

It's replacing a Dual Core G5 2.0 GHz...

I already ordered an additional 250 GB hard drive and 2 GB of extra RAM...

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Now ask us about a Core 2 Duo MacBook
Authored by: eddy_k on Aug 16, '06 08:15:33AM

I second this comment! Need one soon.

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Where is the DL burner for the MBP15?
Authored by: mmulhern on Aug 16, '06 02:39:37PM

I'm just waiting on DL burner for 15" MBP - all my other "old" machines have SL burners, so as nice as the MBP15 is, I'll wait.

Yes, I know the MBP17 has a DL burner, but it's too big for my requirements.

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I'm upgrading
Authored by: dborod on Aug 16, '06 04:07:18PM

I ordered a 2.66 system yesterday and I'm not at all worried about the speed of apps under rosetta since the machine I'm upgrading from is a Quicksilver 2002 (dual 1 GHz G4).

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No Rush
Authored by: bedouin on Aug 22, '06 10:30:00PM

I have a MacBook and a 2002 Quicksilver upgraded to 1.4ghz. I still spend most of my time on the PowerMac with little complaint. I still haven't ruled out the idea of a refurbed G5.

Back when I bought my Quicksilver there was a low-end PowerMac -- $1599 for the 800mhz model. If something like that existed with the MacPros I might hop on board a bit sooner.

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It is a *fast* machine
Authored by: rhoge on Aug 25, '06 05:19:20AM

I happened to be near an Apple store that had a Mac Pro with 2.66GHz the week of WWDC. I currently have a 2GHz MacBook Pro and a 2.5GHz Quad G5 and the Mac Pro blows all these machines away (for my usage anyways - scientific visualization and analysis).

Sigh - progress...

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The Keyboard
Authored by: t3rr18l3one on Aug 25, '06 04:49:30PM

i recently purchaced in a G3 iBook, and upon looking at the newer i/macBooks, i am convinced that their keyboards look really really bad

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Greedy CPU expectations for new Intel-Apple
Authored by: ihelp-mac on Aug 27, '06 12:32:26AM

The computer industry these days is in a "so-so" sort of situation...

MOST people do NOT need a faster computer, all that much---"My computer's okay, I'll run with it, till well after it's paid for, then IF I need something faster, and can afford it, I'll shell out THEN..."

So, along comes Apple, sneaking in D.R.M. on their new hardware---the REAL reason for the switchover to Intel... protect Stevie's profit margins with his stock-swap with Disney. Distribution and FUTURE profitability of the distribution-chanels for "digital content" is what's at stake here.

So, I'll (perforce...) eventually have to retool from my PPC G5 flatscreen desktop---which has essentially NO upgradability options other than adding a bit of RAM... When it "dies" several years from now, I'll be in the market for a replacement system...

Whether that system is APPLE hardware, or (possibly?) a generic-Intel "clone" box, running a DRM'd licenced copy of OSX-for-generic-Intel... I don't know----as long as I have enough RAM, enough CPU horsepower, and (PLEASE GOD!!) still have "Rosetta" environment running on some as-yet-undeclared massively-parallel tower with "enough" CPU power to drive the system, and run my EXISTING apps and "legacy" files----I'll be happy...

Logically (pessemistically) I forcast that Apple will licence out a "generic Intel" DRM'd one-copy-per-PAYING customer version of it's OS within the next 18 months---tapping into a potential 200million PC's in NorthAmerica... at (say) $300.xx each copy, that's SIXTY BILLION DOLLARS of instant cash-revenue! (the stockholders will throw a party!)---as in any good murder mystery, "follow the money"..

Till then, I'm hedging my bets, and might shell out for a PPC G5 tower that has graphics-card expansion possibilities, and run that as a "Stand Alone" in case some future downloaded software update permenantly switches OFF the Rosetta environment!!
<rant mode/OFF> ;-)

David A. Lewis

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Greedy CPU expectations for new Intel-Apple
Authored by: noworryz on Aug 27, '06 03:00:09PM

Well, great rant but poor logic. Apple has complete control of its hardware so at any time it could add a serial number chip or coprocessor to its motherboard to help enforce DRM, no matter whether the motherboard had a Motorola, IBM or Intel CPU. So there is no connection between DRM and the switch to Intel, notwithstanding your convictions on the issue. For now, Apple appears to have decided that such techniques are not desirable.

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