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How would you rate the new PowerMac G5 lineup?

1/1: How would you rate the new PowerMac G5 lineup?

0 - Awful 28 (1.82%)
1 1 (0.06%)
2 - Pretty bad 12 (0.78%)
3 3 (0.19%)
4 - Decent but not great 56 (3.64%)
5 24 (1.56%)
6 - Pretty good 155 (10.07%)
7 155 (10.07%)
8 - A great lineup 598 (38.86%)
9 243 (15.79%)
9 264 (17.15%)
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How would you rate the new PowerMac G5 lineup? | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Because it has to be said...
Authored by: babertocci on Jun 23, '03 05:11:58PM


That will be all. You can go back to your regularly scheduled drooling now. ;)

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Finally USB 2.0
Authored by: BrunoUsesBBEdit on Jun 25, '03 05:31:21PM

I'm disappointed that they waited till now to add USB 2.0 to their machines. Their are a lot of people that just bought 12" & 15" PowerBooks that should be quite angry.

Sure Firewire is better, but i'd hate to have to tell my PC using friend "Oh, thanks for offering me that free USB 2.0 DVD-Burner that you just replaced, but I don't want it beciase Firewire is better." Or, "Well the reason my Mac is so slow at copying pictures from this USB 2.0 digital camera is because Firewire is better."


--==<< B r u n o >>==--

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Finally USB 2.0
Authored by: SOX on Jun 26, '03 01:21:25PM

supposedly the chips in the older macs support USB 2.0 but the software has not implemented it. I dont know more that what i've ssen on various sites mentioning this without elaboration. the speculation in all cases is that at somepoint they might do a firmware upgrade. not that this helps you right now.
if this is really problem for you that is worth something to you why not buy a firewire->usb converter

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Almost Perfect...
Authored by: Beorn on Jun 26, '03 02:21:02PM
I think just about the only thing different that I would have liked to see was the top two configurations being dual-processor. I'm glad that the top of the line model has dualies, but being that the G5 is "built for dual processors", I would have liked to see the 1.8's be dual as well. I guess that Apple figures they'll sell more of the 2GHz models if it's the only dual model... (I know that's why I'm purchasing the $3,000 setup - if the middle machine had duals, I would be getting that instead). Also, I don't really have a gripe about it, but I know that some people are going to miss the double opitcal drives that were on the last few revs of the G4PM's...

Michael Lake

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Authored by: nick2588 on Jun 29, '03 04:11:13AM

It looses points for being ugly.

It looses points for being big.

But mainly, it looses major points for not even PROVIDING THE ABILITY to have two internal optical drives.

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Jun 29, '03 10:32:54PM

I love the way it looks.


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Authored by: joscobo on Jul 16, '03 01:42:14PM

I thought the same thing about the optical drives, but since the superdrive does everything what other drive is needed. And it's pretty cool looking to everybody else.

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G5 Envy...
Authored by: beanboyrjs on Jun 30, '03 05:05:51PM

Now...if only Apple would start making their awesome products available when they introduce them and not 6 months later...

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