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Which version (major release) of OS X are you using?

1/1: Which version (major release) of OS X are you using?

10.4 [Tiger] 5,581 (85.30%)
10.3 [Panther] 699 (10.68%)
10.2 [Jaguar] 72 (1.10%)
10.1 [Puma] 13 (0.20%)
10.0 [Cheetah] 12 (0.18%)
None; use Mac OS 9 45 (0.69%)
None; use Mac OS 8 or earlier 14 (0.21%)
None; use Windows 53 (0.81%)
None; use Unix / Linux / etc. 54 (0.83%)
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Which version (major release) of OS X are you using? | 31 comments | Create New Account
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But I have more than one machine...
Authored by: megan_g on Feb 20, '06 07:40:08AM

I use OS 10.4 on three of my five machines, and Jaguar (10.2.8) on two of my others. Just because I liked it and don't see any reason to have Tiger running on ALL of them.

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But I have more than one machine...
Authored by: robg on Feb 20, '06 08:06:38AM

Visit the library, log in from five unique IPs, and vote five times :).

Or just go with the majority and vote once, if you think that's simpler or something.



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But I have more than one machine...
Authored by: mmulhern on Feb 20, '06 12:43:26PM

Personal machines:

. . . . and let's not even worry about the "business" machines

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My Machines:
Authored by: inemo on Feb 20, '06 08:02:41AM

I run Tiger Server on two of my machines (12" powerbook and graphite iMac), the other (Indigo) iMac runs Tiger Client, and the Lime iBook (Clamshell/toilet seat) runs Ubuntu at the minute, although I might be putting OS 9 back on it.


I'm just a mac baby :)

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My Machines:
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Feb 21, '06 02:36:13PM

woah - you run tiger SERVER on a 12" !!

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My Machines:
Authored by: tirerim on Mar 08, '06 09:25:26AM

Heck, he or she runs Tiger Server on a Graphite iMac. That's a G3, there.

Now if I could just manage to install Tiger on my Lime iMac...

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Two machines, two OS
Authored by: studyzone on Feb 20, '06 08:04:58AM

I use 10.4 on my almost-new PowerBook at home, but have to use 10.2 on my iMac SE (2000) at work (a research lab). Our lab uses several software packages to drive microscopes and digital cameras that were written specifically for 10.2.8 - these finicky programs keep crashing with 10.3, and won't even launch with 10.4.

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Wow, talk about an inferiority complex
Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 20, '06 09:41:58AM

I haven't seen the real need to splurge on 10.4 yet. I guess I keep hoping I'll be getting a new Mac soon enough that I don't need to upgrade.

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Authored by: momerath on Feb 20, '06 09:42:08AM

On a site like macosxhints, most people are the cutting-edge power user group, so it's unlikely to get a distribution very useful for applying to the general public.

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Authored by: jacobolus on Feb 20, '06 03:38:57PM

Yes, but that group is also the most likely to try little shareware products, so in fact probably a better sample for Rob's developer friends.

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OS X and Linux
Authored by: gaoshan on Feb 20, '06 10:16:48AM

I keep OS X up-to-date on each of my 2 Macs (a G4 Dual 867mhz desktop and an ibook 1.2ghz laptop).
I also have an old PC (PIII 733mhz) that has Fedora Core 4 installed, running in terminal mode, but since it only has 128mb of RAM it really can't run any full scale linux distros (i.e. 2.6.x kernel with the latest Gnome or KDE... they make it choke). It is interesting that Linux, which used to be great for installing on older PCs, now requires a modern, powerful box with plenty of RAM in order to run at maximum capacity.
Oh well, Linux is just for playin'. My Macs are my true love!

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OS X and Linux
Authored by: GlowingApple on Feb 23, '06 03:32:24PM

KDE and Gnome are pretty bulky when it comes to Linux, but try a lighter window manager such as Enlightenment or my current favorite, fvwm, and it runs like a breeze. I'm using fvwm on a Pentium II 300 MHz, along with several server functions (mail server, web server, file server, etc) and it runs great.

I'd also recommend using a distro of linux that's a little more customized to your system (Gentoo's my recommendation, or Debian is good too), as distros such as FC and Mandrake tend to be a bit bulkier unless you spend a lot of time whittling it down.

As for my machines, I'm running a PowerBook G4 with 10.4, a server with Gentoo, and a desktop PC with Gentoo/Debian.

Jayson --When Microsoft asks you, "Where do you want to go today?" tell them "Apple."

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Multiple machines, cont'd :)
Authored by: squawky on Feb 20, '06 10:18:30AM

Yeah, have a couple of machines myself, so here goes:

10.4.5 at home on desktop (G4 Dual 450) and laptop (12" iBook G4)
10.3.9 at work (G5 1.8 GHz)

I'd upgrade the G5, but for two issues....1) Occasional use of OpenAFS means I can't upgrade to Tiger yet, and 2) no funds to buy the upgrade.

Those are the currently "in use" machines -- I won't bother with the ones in the closet :).

I voted "Panther" since I'm on the work machine right now, but I'll vote again later for the Tiger machines.

Somebody wake up Hicks.

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10.4, etc...
Authored by: galendw on Feb 20, '06 10:25:59AM

I voted 10.4 because that's what I have on my iBook and that's what I use most. I also have 10.3.9 on a PowerMac and 8.6 on an original model first-generation iMac. I can't even remember the last time we turned that thing on.

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Some Linux too . . .
Authored by: bedouin on Feb 20, '06 11:13:57AM

I run 10.4 on my PowerMac and PowerBook, but have an iMac DV with Debian Linux on it. I've just never been comfortable with OS X as a server OS so I stick with Linux for that, even on Mac hardware.

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Old Dog New Tricks
Authored by: Glide on Feb 20, '06 11:55:09AM

10.4.5 on an old Beige G3 MT/G4 500 upgrade and other usual upgraded goodies. Runs like a top. It still shocks me that a machine this old is still so capable.

In Tiger's favour there was a noticeable difference in performance between 10.3 and 10.4 on this particular rig. The main reason for me upgrading to Tiger aside from new features.


- Jase

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Old Dog New Tricks
Authored by: DoctorJ on Feb 20, '06 02:07:20PM
!?! You mean with all that extra stuff added in, 10.4 is FASTER than 10.3? I might have to splurge then. Will i get acceptable graphics performance w/ only 32 MB VRAM?


Using a rusty Amiga 4000T & a shiny Mac PowerBook G4

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Old Dog New Tricks
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Feb 21, '06 02:40:15PM

should run smoothly... i have a Quicksilver2002 with 32Mb ram and an iBookG4 (2005) also with 32Mb (admittedly with the 9550 graphics card) which both run tiger well.

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Tiger's cool but my tower is still weird
Authored by: ladybastet on Feb 20, '06 02:49:00PM

I run a 3 mac home network with a G4 Tower upgraded to 1GHz and an emac on Tiger and a graphite imac on Panther. The imac user is change resistant and doesn't need Tiger which I bought hoping to cure my G4 of multiple weirdness. It helped a little but still has one major weirdness. I like it anyway. I would not consider myself a power user just reasonably computer savvy.

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Customized 10.3.9 is more than enough
Authored by: Slinkwyde on Feb 20, '06 04:42:39PM

I use a heavily customized 10.3.9 (read, mostly non-Apple software with a few exceptions). With all of the third party software I have installed, many of the upgrades that occured with Tiger are moot points for me. I prefer my customized Camino and RSS Menu, so I don't need Safari RSS. I prefer Adium, so I don't need the new iChat. I really like Butler, so I don't need Spotlight or the change made to the Fast user Switching menu item. I have Shapeshifter and use the Leopard variant of the iT5 theme, so I've already got Unified (as well as the iTunes look for all brushed metal apps). I've already got QuickTime 7. I could go on and on, but for the most part Tiger would offer little benefit to me and too many downsides over Panther. For the previous OS X versions, I always upgraded to the latest OS X version. Panther, however, is plenty for me (and I am a power user). Wake me up when Leopard is released, for that is the point at which I will upgrade.

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Customized 10.3.9 is more than enough
Authored by: dudemac on Feb 23, '06 06:14:45PM

funny I use almost all third party apps too. The only real advantage I see in tiger is speed. There are several apps that where only barely usable under panther , but with tiger they are much better. The whole system is faster. And the file system actually updates in real time now. No more wait and see if the changes are there. But I do agree that Panther is very good. If I hadn't seen an improvement in speed I probably wouldn't have upgraded.

pbook G4 1Ghz. 768mb. 10.4.5,

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83% Tiger
Authored by: mcroft on Feb 20, '06 06:35:39PM

Tiger on the desktop, the web server, the music server, and the laptops, OS9 on the mail server (go SIMS!)

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Authored by: kainewynd2 on Feb 21, '06 05:47:31AM

If I go with the things that I use regularly, here goes:

(2)XServe - 10.4.5 Server
(2)PowerMac G5 - 10.4.5
(1)PowerBook G4 - 10.4.5
(1)TiPowerBook - 10.4.3
(1)eMac - 10.4.4 Server
(3)Windows PCs - XP SP2
(1)iMac G3 - Fedora Core 4

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Authored by: kahuna on Mar 07, '06 08:37:55AM

Home and office:

(1)PowerBook G4 - 10.3.9
(1)Mac mini - 10.4.5 Server
(2)Intel PCs - XP SP2
(2)Intel PCs - Fedora Core 4
(2)IBM RS/6000 - AIX 5.2
(188)IBM POWER5 Regatta/Squadron/et al pSeries - AIX 5.2/5.3
(36)Sun E10K/15K - Solaris 8,9,10
(9)IBM xSeries - RedHat E3

If only OS X ran on IBM hardware...

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Authored by: Hodag on Feb 21, '06 09:05:35AM

3x 10.4.5
1x 10.3.9/Ubuntu
1x 9.1
1x 8.1
1x 7.6.1

Adam C.

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Version of Mac OS X used in my computers
Authored by: JJCortes on Feb 22, '06 03:01:46AM

I use Tiger on my Power Mac G5 dual 1.8 GHz Rev A, and Jaguar 10.2.6 on my Power Mac G3 minitower because it can't be powered by Panther or Tiger.
About Classic, it is on both computer but I don't use it on my G5, so I will remove it when I will install Leopard.
In my computer collection, I have an old PC with a Celeron at 400 MHz under Windows 98 SE used only for the fun.

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Authored by: mnasimh on Feb 22, '06 08:53:29AM

I use following:
* at home
-> Tiger 10.4.5
-> Ubuntu 5.10
* in office
-> RedHat 9
-> Solaris 9
-> Windows XP

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System 7 roxors
Authored by: nickshanks on Feb 23, '06 05:54:21AM
On my Blue & White G3/350 I run:
  • Mac OS 8.5.1
  • Mac OS 8.6
  • Mac OS 9.2.2
  • Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Mac OS X 10.4.5
depending on needs.

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Doesn't tell me much
Authored by: randytucker on Feb 23, '06 11:11:36PM

This is interesting, but really only tells us that most of the people who regularly check Mac OS X Hints are on 10.4 -- not so surprizing, really. I doubt that it accuractly reflects a cross section of *all* mac users.

on temporary assignment

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Authored by: kL on Feb 27, '06 02:28:05PM

Tiger is fairly stable by now and I got addicted to Spotlight, so there is no turning back ;)

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Authored by: WinterDarkmoon on Feb 27, '06 08:29:20PM

At the moment it's OS 9.2. This weekend I'll be upgrading to OS X 10.4 Tiger.

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