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Create Nokia N85 iSync plug-in Phones
I really had to add contacts to my new great Nokia N85 phone, so I hacked a way to do it. It's actually very simple; just replace N96 with N85 everywhere within the N96 plug-in.

Start by downloading the plug-in for the N96, and install it on your Mac. Open the folder /Library/PhonePlugins (Command-Shift-G in a Finder window, then type/paste the above path). Copy (you may drag it with the Option key pressed) the Nokia_N96_1v2.phoneplugin folder to the Desktop (or where you want; just out of PhonePlugins). Rename the new copy on the Desktop to Nokia_N85_1v2.phoneplugin. Open this folder, then open Contents » Resources within it.

Open all files at every level, except the NokiaN96.tiff image file, with a plain text editor (drag them inside the application icon). I used an old BBedit Light, but you may use any editor (TextWrangler and Smultron are free; I'm not sure if you may use TextEdit, just do not use the Property List Editor default application). In all text files, find the text N96 and replace it with N85 (do a Find All or Replace All, so as to not to miss one). Save all the files you modified (don't worry, not all have the N96 string inside).

Rename the NokiaN96.tiff file to NokiaN85.tiff. If you want the correct icon, you may open this file with some image editor and paste the right icon inside. As the original N96 and new, edited, N85 plug-ins will conflict (some id is the same) you have to remove the original Nokia_N96_1v2.phoneplugin that was inside /Library/PhonePlugins. Drag the newly-edited Nokia_N85_1v2.phoneplugin from the Desktop to back inside the folder /Library/PhonePlugins. Done. I have not restarted anything, but it shouldn't be required.

Then do the usual. Pair phone using Bluetooth, launch iSync, Add Device, and your phone will appear. Syncing works with addresses and appointments, at least from Mac to phone. (I haven't tested the other way yet, but I'm confident it will work). I have not added a link to the ready-made plug-in due to possible copyright reasons, but these instructions are relatively simple.
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10.5: Fix connect/disconnect Bluetooth modem issue Phones
By default, OS X 10.5.4 lets you set up a mobile phone to act as a Bluetooth modem, but this does not always work. For instance, it doesn't work with a Nokia E61 on the O2 network in the UK.

When you try Connect Bluetooth from the menu bar, you will see Connecting..., immediately followed by Disconnecting ..., and then finally an error saying that it "Could not negotiate a connection with the remote PPP server." This error persists even after taking care to enter the correct username, password, APN, CID, and to change the necessary settings on the phone. Googling on this will also produce a lot advice to install custom modem scripts. This is often misleading, since these scripts were mostly designed to fill gaps in OS X 10.4.*.

In fact, the "connecting/disconnecting" problem is because Leopard, by default, requires a new kind of PPP authorization (MS-CHAP[v2]) which not all carriers support. You can check if this is your problem by checking your console logs, with the Console app, and looking for an error saying "MPPE required, but MS-CHAP[v2] auth not performed."

If this is your problem, the solution is to change this default so Leopard doesn't require it from the Bluetooth PPP connection with your phone. You can't make the change in the GUI. But if you are comfortable changing plist files, the solution is to go to /Library » Preferences » SystemConfiguration » preferences.plist, and change the CCPEnabled property for the Bluetooth-Modem device from 1 to 0. Then reboot, and it should work.

Background: This page has a good summary of the other settings that need to be in place for the Nokia E61 on O2/UK. But it also has pointers to the custom modem scripts which are not necessary and do not address this particular problem on OS X 10.5.4. The essential point about the property change was described in this thread on the macosxhints forums. But a little googling suggests lots of people are having this same problem, but don't realize this fix is relevant to their device.
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10.5: Create any mobile phone plug-in for iSync Phones
If you are slightly tech-savvy, Apple has introduced (on the Xcode Developer DVD that ships with Leopard) an application to help you create your own mobile phone plug-ins. If you have not already installed the Developer Tools, do so. If you have, go to /Developer » Applications » Utilities in the Finder.

The application you are looking for is named iSync Plug-in Maker, which is essentially a graphical wizard that assists you in rapidly putting together and then testing your own plug-in for any mobile phone device. After testing, the program helps you create a distribution/installation package.

A lot of people are using the tool and then making money selling their own plug-ins -- but now you know where to find the same tools, so you can do this on your own. Apple even has developer documentation on the app to help you in making a plug-in for your phone.

[robg adds: Xcode can also be downloaded directly from Apple -- you just need a free ADC Online membership.]
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Sync larger To Do notes on Nokia N95 Phones
I really like my new Nokia N95, and with Nokia's driver for iSync, things have been working wonderfully. However, I found out that the notes associated to a ToDo task (notes = description in N95) were limited to 500 characters. Since I use some notes bigger than that, I proceeded as follows:
  1. Open /Library » PhonePlugins » Nokia-N95.phoneplugin » Contents » Resources » PhoneConduit.plist in your favorite text editor. (I suggest using a text editor rather than Property List Editor.)
  2. Change the maxLentgh parameter for the description attribute, in the key from 500 to, say, 10000.
  3. Save the file and restart iSync.
Next time you sync, your notes of up to 10000 characters will be there in you N95. I guess this hint can be extended to others mobile phones and PDAs, but then "caveat emptor."
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Add iSync support for Sony Ericsson k770i Phones
As per usual, phone support for new phones can be added to iSync by tweaking the information in PhonePlugins. This was done on OSX 10.4.11 (iSync 2.4) as follows. Copy the SonyEricsson-K790.phoneplugin (which you'll find in Applications » » Control-click and Show Package Contents » Contents » PlugIns » ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice » Contents » PlugIns) to ~/Library/PhonePlugins/ (create directory if it's not there).

Rename the file to K770.phoneplugin, and edit the plist files within to be for the 770 not 790. I also got the VendorID (0x0fce) and ProductID (0xd0b7) by connecting the phone by USB and looking in System Profiler. This information was placed in the MetaClasses.plist file in the string.

In editing the plist files, I followed these instructions. I quit iSync, re-loaded it, then tried to add my phone and successfully synched my contacts. I have not tried my calendar yet, so YMMV.
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Add Sony Ericsson S500i to Address Book Phones
To add support for the Sony Ericsson S500i in Address Book, do the following. In the Finder, control-click on Address Book and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Navigate into Contents » Resources, then control-click on Telephony.bundle and again choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. In the new window that opens, navigate into Contents » Resources, and then edit ABDeviceCommandSets.plist in your favorite pure text editor (perhaps make a backup first, just in case). Search for K700, and when you find it (it will look like <string>K700<string>), add this new entry below it:
Save the changes and quit the editor, and you'll now be able to dial and send SMS directly from Address Book. It will also enable you to pick up the phone from Address Book.
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Enable USB mass storage function on P1i phone Phones
I have a Sony Ericsson P1i, which doesn't appear to let you use it as a USB mass storage device under OS X 10.4.10. However, thanks to this post by okoshiyasu on the website, it's now working properly. Here's a brief overview of the fix:
i launched the USB PROBER app, plugged my P1i, gathered the IDPRODUCT info and found out that it was different than the one in the kext (m600 id = 57392 / p1i id = 57490). i changed it using textedit, saved the file, remove the old m600 extension and replaced it with the newly modified one, restarted the computer, plugged the p1i and VOILA! the memory card appears on the desktop.
The linked forum thread contains a downloadable version of the modified kext.
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A fix for Nokia / iSync 'unexpected error' Phones
I just got a new Nokia Navigator 6110 phone, downloaded the Nokia iSync plug-in from the Nokia (Europe) website, and tried by both USB and Bluetooth to sync my Address Book and iCal, without success. I had no problem at all with my SE K750i. I'm running 10.4.10 on an iMac G5.

The synching would progress until almost the end of the 'applying changes,' then fail with an 'unexpected error.' Deleting and re-pairing the phone didn't make a difference.

What did work was a tip by Julian Wright posted to Apple Discussions regarding another Nokia phone model -- simply click 'Reset Sync History' in iSync prefs. I then did a 'Delete and Sync,' and it worked successfully. Hope this saves someone else hours of frustration!
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Nokia phones and iTunes Plus fix revisited Phones
This is an enhancement to this recent hint to get iTunes Plus songs to play on certain AAC-supporting devices, such as Nokia/Symbian-based mobile phones including the Nokia N95. I've tested this using a Nokia E61.

There is only a single difference that matters to the phone between the iTunes-converted (as shown in the hint) or QuickTime Pro re-wrapped (comment to the hint) AAC file and the original iTunes Plus song: iTunes 7.2 (and/or the iTunes Store) moved an 'atom' (the name given to a chunk of content in the .m4a file) from being a child to a sibling (that is, up one level in the hierarchy). This causes the phone to baulk when it sees the atom at an unexpected location in the file.

The solution is to move the 'pinf' atom back to where QuickTime puts it (as a child of 'esds'). There is a more detailed explanation on my blog, and a simple tool (PutPinfInItsPlace) for making the change on Mac OS X (or Windows). The advantage of this tool is the song remains fully intact, no copying across of the metadata is required, and the audio data is unmodified. The only limitation I've seen thus far is that after fixing the file for compatibility, iTunes loses the ability to recognise the tracks as 'Purchased AAC audio files.' Instead they will become 'AAC audio files.' So any Smart Playlists using this naming scheme (i.e. this hint) will be affected.
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Make the Sony Ericsson K510 work with Address Book Phones
I was able to send SMS from Address Book through my Sony Ericcsson K510A by modifying a few characters in a file within the Telephony.bundle. To find this file, Control-click on Address Book (quit it first) and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. Then open Contents » Resources, and Control-click on Telephony.bundle. Again pick Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu, then navigate into Contents » Resources. There you'll see a file named ABDeviceCommandSets.plist.

Open this file with a text editor, and look around line 80 for this entry:
You must change K750 to K510, then save your changes and quit the editor and you'll be able to send SMS messeges, receive them, see Caller ID, and be able to place calls through your Mac. If someone could modify the code to get it to answer calls or hang up calls, it would be great!
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