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Set custom speed of iPad Picture Frame slideshows iOS devices
The iPad settings let you only choose a few values for the slideshow speed setting: 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 seconds. I prefer a slower change of pictures.

To be able to set custom values, you just have to edit the preference file "" (in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences) and set the SecondsPerPhoto value.

Either with iFile (app freely available in Cydia, only for jailbroken iPads): you go to the "Preferences" place, scroll down to "," touch the file icon and choose "Property List Viewer."

Or for non jailbroken iPads, you can use the Mac app iBackupBot to edit the file inside an iPad backup and restore.

I like using a value of 180 seconds per photo (= 3 minutes), but you can just set whatever you would like.
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Replace carrier name with logo in iPhone status bar iOS devices
I have always been annoyed by the carrier name taking up a lot of space at the top of my iPhone screen. A few days ago I found a way to insert the much smaller carrier logo without jailbreaking the device.

Just search Google for an IPCC file for your carrier and iOS 5. Download that, go to Terminal and type in the following line:

defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on "Check for updates" while pressing the Option key. Select the aforementioned IPCC file, and you're done. Unfortunately it seems that the same file cannot be used for an iPad; at least it didn't work for mine.

[kirkmc adds: I didn't test this, and I'd recommend prudence before making this change. There is a chance that this could cause problems with your iPhone. For more about these carrier files, see this Macworld article by Ted Landau, where he explains what they are and what kind of changes you can make to them. Note that, depending on your carrier, you may already have an IPCC file in ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support.]
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Connect an iPad 3 to an AppleTV via hotspot tethering iOS devices
If you have a Verizon iPad 3 and an Apple TV 2 or 3, they can connect to each other, simply by using the built-in hotspot tethering. You don't need any pre-existing network, access point, or MyFi-type hotspot. They connect to each other directly and all AirPlay functionality (including full screen mirroring) is available.

I assume that if the content you share via AirPlay is stored locally on the iPad, it won't use up any of your data quota.

[kirkmc adds: I haven't tested this, as I only have a Wi-Fi iPad. I did try setting up a personal hotspot on my iPhone, and my Apple TV sees the network, and can connect to it. But I'm not sure if this wouldn't still use data, as I don't see how to disconnect from my cell carrier (turning on Airplane Mode cuts off the personal hotspot), and the phone is still connected via 3G. (Phones do work differently from iPads.) If anyone else can test this with an iPad, please post your results in the comments. ]
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Continue using the iPhone while AirPlay streaming to Apple TV iOS devices
Normally, when you stream video content from the BBC's iPlayer app, or similar apps, to the Apple TV via AirPlay, the iOS device displays a screen saying that the content is playing on the Apple TV, but as soon as you press the home button the stream ends. In other words the app has to be the frontmost running app for video AirPlay to work.

I found a way around this, by starting the stream in the iPlayer app, then switching to Apple's Remote app, and resuming playing. You can then control the AirPlay stream from the remote app instead, and return to the home screen, use other apps, and use the phone, while the stream keeps going.

I have tested this in UK with the BBC iPlayer app and the 4OD app.

[kirkmc adds: This didn't work for me, but I'm not in the UK. I don't think that should make a difference; I tried with a streaming TV app in France, where I live, but I would assume that this should work with any video app that can use AirPlay. Unfortunately, this hint was submitted by one of our most prolific posters, Anonymous, so I can't contact him or her to ask any questions. If anyone can confirm that this works for them, or confirm that it doesn't, please post in the comments.]
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Change the user agent string on iOS Safari iOS devices
When using Safari on an iOS device, web pages that have mobile versions will display those versions, because they parse the user agent string sent by the browser. In general, this is a Good Thing, but you may want to see full web pages, and not the reduced mobile versions.

A blog post on the Technipages website explains a way to do this. It involves downloading a program called iBackupBot, altering a file in your iOS device's backup, then restoring it. It's a bit of work, but if you really want to view full web pages with an iOS device, you might want to try it out.

[kirkmc adds: I haven't tested this, and I don't do enough web browsing on my iOS devices to need this. It's true that some sites minimize their content when you access them from a mobile device, but in most cases, this isn't a problem for me.]
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Drag and drop to install items on iOS devices iOS devices
You can drag items from your iTunes library to your iOS devices and they will automatically start syncing and installing. In addition to copying the item(s) you drag, a full sync is initiated. This occurs when your iOS device is set to automatically sync; you don't need to have it set for manual syncing for this to happen.

[kirkmc adds: Hmm... is this really new? I had never heard of this, but It's certainly useful. The hint submitted was about syncing apps, but when I tried other items, they installed as well. When I dragged an album, it synced, and when I checked the Music tab in iTunes, that album was checked in the list of albums. This is actually a very good way of syncing items to an iOS device. Instead of dealing with checking and unchecking boxes on the different tabs, you can just drag what you want to your device. This is different from a manual sync, where you only drag items; this retains automatic syncing, yet still allows you to add items to the device by dragging.]
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Unexpected source of iPhone battery drain iOS devices
Battery life with my iPhone 4S was very poor, and I finally discovered why: I'm using a battery extender case. The problem is that the phone considers that the case is a source of AC power, so if have iTunes Wi-Fi sync on - which only operates when your phone is plugged in - you'll be syncing more than you might expect, since your phone is technically plugged in.

The solution is to either turn off Wi-Fi sync, or use an external battery pack that has an on-off switch so that you can control when it is actually sending current to the phone.

[kirkmc adds: I guess this makes sense. Apple says that Wi-Fi sync occurs when "The iOS device is plugged in to power." But this should only occur if two other conditions are met: "iTunes is open on the computer," and "The iOS device and the computer are on the same Wi-Fi network." So I would think that if you're not on the same network as your Mac, then nothing should happen. Perhaps the phone is constantly searching for that Mac?]
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Access camera without unlocking iOS devices iOS devices
A new feature in iOS 5.1 is the ability to access the camera without unlocking your iPhone or iPod touch (if you have a passcode set). To do this, press the home button, and to the right of the Slide to Unlock slider, you'll see a camera icon. The first times I tried, I couldn't figure out how this worked; I tapped the icon, but the screen just slid up a bit, then bounced back down. You need to slide the screen up, while dragging the camera icon, to access the camera.

Once you've done this, you can take pictures as you wish. In the bottom-left corner of the window is a small gallery icon, which lets you see your photos from your current session (you can't access other photos.)

You can go back to the lock screen by swiping down from the top of the screen, or proceed to the passcode entry screen by pressing the home button.

Note: this works with the iPhone and iPod touch, but not the iPad 2.
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New poll: will you buy an iPad 3? iOS devices
As you probably know, Apple announced the "new iPad," or iPad (third generation), yesterday. What do you think about it? Are you going to rush out and pre-order one? Are you definitely not buying one? Or are you on the fence?

Make your voice heard. Vote in the iPad 3 poll, and feel free to post any comments you have about the new iPad on that page.
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Remove completed items from Reminders list iOS devices
When I tap the checkboxes next to items in your Reminders list to mark them complete, I usually want them to go away, so I don't have to scroll up and down, especially when I have a long list of things to do or buy.

To quickly force the marked items to move into the Completed section I noticed that if I slightly swipe to left or right so that part of the next or previous Reminders list appears, then release so that I stay in my current list, the completed items get moved over, and only the uncompleted ones remain.
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