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10.7: HTML5 Video Display Sleep Workaround Web Browsers
The just released OS X 10.7.3 has a new Safari version but the old FDisplay Sleep Issue on HTML5 Video was still not fixed, so I started to look around for a solution and it seems that it is a WebKit Bug, and I made a workaround for this.

Go to the WebKit Project home page and download the latest Nightly Build; it has worked for me so far.

Put it into your Applications Folder and launch, and the browser launches as Safari containing all settings and features, so go to Settings and make WebKit your default browser.

Next download and install the RCDefaultApp PrefPane launch it and go under the application pane to WebKit and enable all file associations and actions.

Safari is no longer the default, now go to the Extensions Pane and search for the safariextz Extension, set it to open with WebKit as well, now you are done, Safari is still there and running if needed, but all actions are now redirected to WebKit, so you are always up to date.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one specifically, but many of us have used the WebKit nightly builds as a Safari replacement for a long time. RCDefaultApp is also a well-tested and proven utility, and I recommend it without hesitation.]
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Using an alternative search engine in Safari Web Browsers
Ever want to change your default search engine to something other than Google, Bing or Yahoo?

I've been very frustrated with the limited search options available in Safari. In addition, I am very concerned about how much information about me leaks out to Google especially now that they are tying in google plus information and the fact that most sites I go to seems to use Google analytics.

I've recently switch over to using DuckDuckGo which has a much more user friendly privacy policy. They provide detailed instructions here on how to set up your browser to use them so I won't repeat them.

I personally edited my /etc/hosts file pointing to then selected Yahoo! from the search box drop-down menu. I really love the advanced features and seamless integration this provides. In addition Google or Bing are still available if I want. (I'm not affiliated with the site in any way, just a happy user.) Note that this will disable Yahoo! search, so if you use that you could replace one of the other sites instead.

[crarko adds: You should be able to switch to any search site you like using this method. Just replace the IP address mapping from the hint in your /etc/hosts with the address of the site you want to substitute. Be prepared for the possibility of doing some revamping after June 6th, 2012, when the IPv6 rollout begins in earnest.

Also bear in mind that editing hosts will affect all applications, not just Safari.]
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A Service for adding shortened URLs to Safari's Reading List Web Browsers
Recently, I was playing around with Safari's Reading List feature, and I was pleased to see that there is a Services menu item to add links to the list from other applications. Unfortunately, it didn't work for a bunch of the URLs that I tried to add.

The link detection scheme is overly strict and it seems to only work with well formed URLs that contain the scheme. This didn't help at all when trying to add links from Twitter where just about every one is shortened and does not contain the http:// cruft.

I have been wanting to learn more about Automator and Applescript so without further ado I present my lax version of the 'Add to Reading List' Service.

To setup the service:
  • Launch Automator.
  • Choose the Service document type.
  • Service receives selected text in any application (default).
  • Type apple in the search field to find the Run AppleScript action.
  • Drag Run AppleScript to your workflow.
  • Replace the script contents with the code given below.
  • Save and give the Service a name
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut with System Preferences » Keyboard » Services.
Here's the script:
-- Automator Service - Add to Reading List - lax version
-- Wiley Wimberly
-- The default service that adds links to Safari's Reading List is a
-- bit on the strict side when deciding what constitutes a URL and it
-- doesn't work well for adding shortened URLs from apps like twitter.
-- This version is more tolerant and will prepend http:// if the  
-- selected text does not already start with http:// or https://.
-- Service receives selected text in any application.

on run {input, parameters}

    set theItem to item 1 of input

    if theItem starts with "http://" or theItem starts with "https://" then
        set theUrl to theItem	
        set theUrl to "http://" & theItem
    end if

    tell application "Safari"
        add reading list item theUrl
    end tell

    return theUrl

end run

From this blog post. The code is also listed here.

[crarko adds: This pretty much just reformats the URL so Safari will be happy with it.]
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One click access in Safari to iCloud mail Web Browsers
In Safari when I want to check my iCloud mail, it's usually in two steps:

First: I open in Safari. Second: Click Mail icon in iCloud, and I have my e-mail messages.

Now I can do this in just one step:

If I instead bookmark in Safari's Bookmarks bar, I can go straight to the Mail inbox in iCloud with just one click. Almost like accessing a Gmail account.

This is also valid for Contacts, Calendar and iWork:
These shortcuts are great if you need fast access to you favorites iCloud apps.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. It seems pretty straightforward.]
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Restore 'Open with Preview' while viewing PDFs in Safari Web Browsers
In previous versions of Safari, one could right click on a PDF being viewed in Safari and there was an option to 'Open with Preview.' In version 5.1, this functionality had seemingly disappeared.

I searched the web to see if I could find an answer to restoring the pre-5.1 behavior, but couldn't find anything. Fortunately, I stumbled upon the answer by accident: In the new version, to have that option enabled in the contextual menu, you have to have something selected. So if you're viewing a PDF and want it opened in Preview instead of Safari, just hit Cmd+A or 'Select All' from the Edit menu, now right-clicking shows you the 'Open with Preview' option again.

Why Apple changed this, I don't know, but I find it bizarre and arbitrary because this action that used to take a mouse click and movement to perform now takes a key combination plus a mouse click and movement.

But I find most of my time spent screwing around with computers these days is spent trying to restore functionality that used to be efficient and rapid, but has changed with a software update to be less so.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It is annoying when functionality disappears (or is hidden) for no apparent reason.]
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Drag Safari Java Applets to their own window Web Browsers
In Safari, hold down Command+Shift and then drag a Java applet to its own window.

Here's a simple Rubik's Cube applet to try it with. You'll notice when you press the keys an enclosing window appears, which can then be moved off on its own.

[crarko adds: It's actually pretty slick, how that works. I'm in Safari 5.1.1; I couldn't say how long this has been available.]
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In Safari 5.1.1 , Show Downloads is back Web Browsers
Not really a hint as much as an observation, but 'Show Downloads' is back in Safari.

In the most recent Safari update, 5.1.1, the Show Downloads menu item is back with its original shortcut, Command+Option+L. The only strange behavior is that it will be unavailable if your download history is empty (and of course that it is stuck to the Safari window). Otherwise it works like in Snow Leopard.

Thanks unnamed Apple hero!

[crarko adds: I guess I didn't notice it was missing, but it's good to have it back. Now Apple heroes, let's please have that modest iCloud support for Snow Leopard. :) ]
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No live HTML links saved in PDFs from Safari in 10.5 Web Browsers
If after upgrading from Safari 5.0.5 to 5.0.6 in (Snow) Leopard are you stuck with no live HTML links when printing with OS X internal PDF engine?

You can downgrade to 5.0.5 using Pacifist (you can search for it easily) and then use the following links to direct downloads of Safari's previous versions.

I tested this in 10.5, hence the title of the hint. These links were found at this Apple discussion thread.

Open the package with Pacifist, select 'Contents of…' file, click install, give your admin password and confirm overriding the previous version. Reboot your Mac.

AFAIK the link issue is a problem with the changed Webkit.framework.

Post in the comments how this works for you, be your OS version Leopard, Snow Leopard or Lion. Since I'll upgrade from Leopard to Lion in a few weeks I'd like to know how it handles HTML links in PDFs.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. The links are still good and point to what they say. Pacifist is a tool for extracting and installing files from within packages, and has been mentioned here frequently before.]
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Peek at previous page in Safari 5.1 Web Browsers
I usually find myself in need of hitting the back button to pick a word from the previously visited page. That's easier now using Safari in Lion.

To peek at the previously visited page just slide back the current page using two fingers and hold your fingers right at where you desire. The sliding threshold is very sensitive, so you just have to get used to it. The finger gesture is easily done when Safari is in full screen mode.

[crarko adds: I eventually got this to work with the Magic Trackpad, but it's really touchy and takes practice. I didn't look to see if this could be made available in Safari 5.1 in Snow Leopard. If you make that work let us know in the comments.]
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Automatically add links from Emails, Twitter or Google Reader to Reading List Web Browsers
This is kind of a stripped down version of Read It Later or Instapaper, but functions perfectly for my workflow. It allows me to star/favorite/email links in several web applications or on my iPhone and have them added to Safari's Reading List automatically once my laptop is on and checks e-mail.

I've set up actions in ifttt that forward Links I favorite in Twitter or Google Reader, to my personal e-mail account and prepend the subject with the keyword #ReadLater.

Next I constructed a Mail Rule that acts on all messages who's subjects begin with said keyword. The Mail Rule will invoke an Applescript, mark the message as read and move it to the trash.

Here's the script:
using terms from application "Mail"
  on perform mail action with messages theSelectedMessages
    tell application "Mail"
      repeat with eachMessage in theSelectedMessages
        set mailbody to content of eachMessage
        set theUrl to paragraph 1 of mailbody
        tell application "Safari"
          add reading list item theUrl
        end tell
      end repeat
    end tell
  end perform mail action with messages
end using terms from
For some pictures and a few use cases, read the article on my blog.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one, but the script compiled cleanly in AppleScript Editor. The ifttt service looks potentially useful, and it is free, but the site is clearly optimized for a small screen, so don't panic when it looks horrible when viewed from a Mac.]
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