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Fix unresponsive button on BBC iPlayer in Safari Web Browsers
I had a problem clicking the 'Watch now' button when I wanted to watch a live broadcast on my Mac from the BBC iPlayer website.

When I went to the site and selected the program to watch. A popup dialogue came up with a warning about you must have a TV Licence in order to watch a live broadcast from the BBC.

The dialogue had two buttons; one labelled 'Watch now' and the other 'I do not have a TV Licence...'

But I found I when I clicked either button they did not respond at all!. If anyone else has this problem, they can get around this by going to Safari Preferences » Advanced Tab and check the 'Press Tab to highlight each item on webpage' box.

Close the prefs window and use the Tab key to tab through to the button you want to click. In my case the button I wanted was the 'Watch now.'

Once I was tabbed to the correct button, I then pressed the Return key to get the button pressed. This worked in clicking the button for me. So far only needed to do this once, as it appears the BBC plants a cookie and you do not need to repeat this.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. It appears the BBC iPlayer television broadcasts are still available in the UK only.]
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View in-browser PDFs in Google Chrome Web Browsers
To the best of my knowledge, no third-party PDF plugin on the Mac allows for the inline viewing of PDFs in Google Chrome, fortunately there is a way. As of Chrome 6, Google bundles an experimental PDF plugin, which is disabled by default.

To enable it:
  • Type about:plugins in the omnibox.
  • You should see a disabled plugin called 'Chrome PDF Viewer;' click the Enable button under this plugin.
You should now be able to view PDFs in Chrome. There are a few rough edges to this plugin. The occasional PDF will not display properly (in particular, it seems to choke on PDFs that have restrictions in effect printing, copying, etc), but the vast majority show up just fine. The viewer is very fast, and has resizing controls available in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Note that there is currently no loading indicator for PDFs, so if you click on a large document, it may seem like the tab has frozen, but it is in fact just the PDF loading silently.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It was fine with the couple of PDFs I tried.]
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Keyboard shortcuts for Safari Reader Web Browsers
Safari Reader is a new feature with Safari 5. There are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to bring up, navigate and close Reader.

When you see the Reader icon in the address bar, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:
  • Command+Shift+R to enter Reader mode
  • Arrow keys up and down to navigate page
  • Spacebar or Page Down to page forward
  • Shift+Spacebar or Page Up to page back
  • Home (or Command+Up arrow) to go to the top of the page
  • End (or Command+Down arrow) to go to the end
  • Escape to dismiss Reader

[crarko adds: A quick roundup of shortcuts to add to your list.]
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Restart the Flash plugin without quitting Safari Web Browsers
Safari will often get stalled out and need to be restarted. In many cases, this can be traced to the Flash plugin getting overloaded. You can quite simply restart just the Flash plugin and make Safari work properly again.
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Another way to make a new tab in Safari Web Browsers
I accidentally stumbled on this one today when I mis-clicked a tab in Safari 5.

Double-clicking the empty space in the Tab Bar just to the right of an open tab in Safari will create and open a new tab. Not sure how new this is, but I can't believe I have never thought to try this method before!

This is an addition to the other well-known ways of opening new tabs:
  • Command + T.
  • Control + Click (or Right Clicking) the empty space to the right of your tab(s) and selecting 'New Tab.'
  • Clicking the small '+' sign on the far right of the Tab Bar.
  • Control + Click (or Right Clicking) a URL, and selecting the 'Open in New Tab' option.
  • Command + Click a URL.
I'm sure there are probably a couple more ways to do this, but my most common are by far the first and last methods.

[crarko adds: I've seen all the other methods mentioned, but this one is new to me, too. It also worked in Firefox, and even in Terminal, but not in Chrome as far as I could tell. Post results for other browsers in the comments if you like.]
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Cleanup web pages before printing in Safari Web Browsers
Safari 5 introduced the Safari Reader to allow for great reading and printing of web pages by removing a lot of the clutter you wouldn't want to have in the printed copy. Unfortunately, Safari Reader is not available on all pages, but only those it recognizes as 'articles.' [crarko adds: And Readability is still available for other browsers.]

This hint shows you how you can get rid of those items and save a clean version on pages where Reader is not an option.
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Display location information in Safari 5 Web Browsers
Whenever I go to a website that asks for my location I wonder what exactly I am giving out. I found a neat Safari 5 extension from Upper Atmosphere called FindMe. FindMe displays your location in a tool bar. Your location is just a button press away. You can also click on the result to display it on a map.

Interestingly, Mac OS X Location Services are only available if you have a wireless connection enabled. I would've expected Apple to default to your external IP if it couldn't determine your location based on your wireless connection, but it doesn't.

Most people probably already know where they are but this tool is surprisingly useful.

[crarko adds: I tested this, and it works as described. It asks for permission to find your location just like an iOS app would.]
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Save Safari 5 from the FastBrowserSearch plugin Web Browsers
There are some obsolete plugins that can give Safari 5 a lot of grief, and there are some reports on the Apple forums of a problematic plugin called FastBrowserSearch. It's apparently not new but I didn't see it posted here so thought I'd submit it. It's not hard to uninstall but it's a little tricky where it's placed. If you open Safari and get the FastBrowserSearch Plugin error, this hint is for you.

Quit Safari the delete this plist file (If you look in this plist, it calls MTWB.osax):

Next, delete the MTWB.osax file located here:

Relaunch Safari and it should be working again.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one. I didn't have the MTWB.osax installed, as FastBrowserSearch is a third party plugin. If you liked the feature you could ping on the developer for a Safari 5 compatible version. The thread at Apple discussions referenced in the link above gives some more analysis which may be useful in troubleshooting other plugin issues if you experience them.]
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Revised script to toggle Safari cookies Web Browsers
I modified a script from this hint of phow4rd to toggle Safari's Accept Cookies setting from 'Never' to 'Only from sites I visit.'
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Opening saved items in new tabs in Safari 5 Web Browsers
On many occasions one might want to open an item from Safari's Bookmarks or History menus in a new tab. Like Firefox, Safari 5 offers an easy way to do so, which I have not seen listed anywhere.

As is commonly known, in Safari 4 and later, if you click on a History or Bookmark Menu item while holding the Command key pressed, the bookmark or history item opens in a new tab.

In Safari 5 (I have never tried it in version 4 but it might work) one can also open such an item in a new tab by clicking on it with the middle mouse button using a three-button mouse.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one with a three-button mouse. Any mouse that can be programmed to perform a Command-click should be able to have this functionality.]
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