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New poll posted on Apple hardware surprises at Expo Site News
We're now less than a month from the 2009 Macworld Expo keynote address, so I thought it'd be interesting to gauge what everyone's expecting in the way of hardware surprises from the keynote. Hence this new poll asking how certain (or not certain) you are about any new hardware announcements coming from Mr. Jobs during the keynote.

Just so everyone's clear, a 32gb iPhone or a 16-core Mac Pro wouldn't count as a new hardware announcement. A netbook, a video game console, a large-screen television...those would all count as new hardware.

So how about it, do you think we'll be seeing any "one more thing" announcments in January?
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Happy Thanksgiving! Site News
Macosxhints will be closed today and tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday (and Black Friday shopping extravaganza). For those in the US, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. The hints will return as usual on Monday

In the interim, I invite you to ponder OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard's actual "for sale" date. Apple stated last June that it was going to ship within "about a year," but exactly when will that be? Take your best guess in our latest poll. Personally, I voted for March, due mainly to it being the release month for the original OS X 10.0, but I've heard rumors of everything from January to July. What do you think? Will it Snow early next year, or will it be a summer Snow?
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Remembering Michael Crichton Site News
I was very saddened today to read of the passing of Michael Crichton. What, you may ask, does this have to do with More than you might think -- Michael was a big-time Mac user and early OS X adopter (rare for someone who relied on their machine to make a living!).

Back in 2001, when this site was just a time-intensive hobby, I didn't have any ads, and relied on donations to cover my hosting costs. Michael Crichton was one of the early donors, and in addition to his check, he sent me a very nice card and autographed book.

His passing today hit me pretty hard, and the best way I could think to handle it was to write about what he meant to me, both personally and relative to this site's history. So rest in peace, Michael -- you entertained millions, and you will be missed.

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Hints turns eight... Site News
Today not only marks Election Day in the United States (vote early, vote often!), but also the eighth anniversary of the launch of Obviously, a lot has changed in eight years, and the pace of hints here lately has slowed -- but that's not surprising, given the continuing maturation of OS X itself. But with roughly 12,000 hints in the database, we've covered a lot of OS X-related ground during those eight years.

One thing that hasn't changed is the mission of the site: to share OS X tips and tricks with anyone interested in reading them. After all, it's the community that really makes the site work -- only about 1,400 of those 12,000 hints have my name on them. That's why every hint ever published is still available to anyone who wants to read them; what the community helps to build should always be freely accessible to that community.

Thanks to all of you for making this site an invaluable resource for OS X users around the world. It's been an amazing eight years, and I'm looking forward to the what the future brings. While the volume of hints may vary over time, as long as there are hints to be shared, I hope we'll be around to share them.

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Poll posted - New MacBook Pros and glossy screens Site News
Apple introduced new MacBook and MacBook Pro models today, which both look terrific to me, save one glaring (couldn't resist!) mistake: the glossy-only screens. It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of glossy screens on laptops, and the fact that I can't get a matte screen on the new MacBook Pros means, quite simply, I won't be buying myself a new MBP.

But I'm curious what others think, hence, I just posted this new poll on that very subject. Basically, how will the lack of a matte screen option affect (or not affect) your MacBook Pro (or even MacBook) purchase plans?

Obviously, you know where my vote went...but what about you? Is the glossy-only screen a deal breaker or not?
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New poll posted on Mac purchase plans Site News
I've just posted a new poll on your personal Mac purchase plans. Basically, with what we know now (not much, as usual), which Mac do you plan to purchase next for personal use? For each model, you can choose the currently-shipping version, or the we-know-they're-coming-someday next revision to that model. There's also an option for an as-of-yet unannounced Mac model -- something like the Mythical Mid-range Mac Minitower, for instance.

Personally, I keep holding out hope for the Minitower, but I don't think that will come to pass, so it'll probably be a next-revision iMac for the kids.
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Stepping out for a bit... Site News
Greetings, Hints readers...

Beginning tomorrow (August 14th), I'm once again leaving the site in the capable hands of kirkmc, aka Kirk McElhearn, my fellow Macworld contributor and author of many Mac-related books. He'll be in charge of hints and related activities until Friday, August 22nd, when I return from "an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling" (according to Dictionary, that's the definition of "vacation").

Unlike past working vacations on Geek Cruises, this will be a true vacation -- I won't have a reliable (or possibly any) internet connection, and my iPhone's data connection will be shut off so that I don't incur those ghastly AT&T charges for international data usage. In short, if you're trying to contact me for the next 10 days or so, don't expect to have much luck, as I'm headed "off the grid."

I'm sure Kirk will do just fine in my absence, and I'm looking forward to catching up on the hints I missed when I return -- it's not often I get to read the live version of the site and see hints for the first time!

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New poll - How many App Store apps do you have? Site News
The iPhone/iPod touch store has been open for about 10 days ... leading to today's poll, which asks how many App Store apps are on your iPhone/iPod touch?

I realize the numbers probably increase daily for most of us, but I thought it'd be interesting to see just how many apps we're all installing. In my case, that number is about 45, but a good number of those are installed just to test and possibly review for Macworld. I have about 30 programs that I use somewhat regularly.

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Holiday today - no new hints until Monday Site News
Macworld is closed today in observance of the Fourth of July holiday in the United States. The hints will return as usual on Monday morning. For those in the USA, enjoy the long weekend!

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Revised theme now live... Site News
Those of you who visit here as guests, or who have the "Hints1" theme selected in your preferences, have probably noticed that we've got a slightly revised appearance as of, oh, about five minutes ago. New logo, new story title colors and topic icons and text, and some links to other Macworld sites in the header are the most visible aspects of the changes we've made.

Going forward, we'll probably be tweaking things a bit more as we move to the just-released Geeklog 1.5 -- hopefully including a CSS-based theme that eliminates (or greatly reduces, at least) the use of the <table> tag in the current theme.

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