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No hints today Site News
We're on holiday for Martin Luther King Day in the U.S. today. Publishing will resume tomorrow.

Thanks to all the contributors so far this month; there are still a number of good things in the queue. Keep them coming.
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MacOSXHints 2011 Monthly Best Hints Contest Site News
I'd like to announce the launch of the 2011 MacOSXHints contest: The Mac OS X Hints Monthly Best Hint Contest. This is a little contest designed to reward our hint contributors throughout the year. Here are the basics of the Best Hints Contest:

Starting in the month of January 2011 (retroactive to January 1st) the Macworld editorial staff will be choosing the best hints that were published in each month, both overall and in a monthly Featured Category.

The Featured Category for January is Microsoft Office for Mac.

Each month, the winners will receive:
  • Best Overall Hint, First Prize: $250.00
  • Best Overall Hint, Second Prize: $250.00
  • Featured Category, First Prize: $250.00
  • Featured Category, Second Prize: $250.00
These are all in U.S. dollars. Unfortunately, this is currently open only to submitters in the U.S. I am sorry about that, and if there is a way to open this up Internationally I will let you know about it right away.

As you might expect, there are rules that go with running a contest such as this one, and we want to make sure everyone reads the Official Rules prior to submitting a hint. In particular, I wanted to point out that you must include an email address to be eligible (if you're submitting a hint as an anonymous user). If you're a registered user, make sure you've provided a valid email address in your profile, as that's the only way we'll be able to get in touch with you.

It's also important to note that entries must be submitted via the standard MacOSXHints submissions page, not via an email to me (or any other method).

So if you've got a hint in mind, and you've just been waiting for a good excuse to type it up, now you have one! Finally, I'd like to thank Macworld for making this giveaway possible; the opportunity to do things such as this as a way to thank the members of the community.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to post replies.

Hint away!

Craig A.
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Happy New Year! Site News
I hope you all have a fun entrance to the New Year. I'm getting the final touches for the Hints contest ready, and the rules and announcement should be up by Monday.

I'll be celebrating with a movie marathon on my new Apple TV. :)
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Happy Holiday and Site News Site News
I'm going to be off with family over the holiday weekend; so there will be no hints published on Friday or next Monday. I'll be back publishing hints on Tuesday.

Also next week there will be an announcement of a new monthly hints contest to begin in January. So if you get new goodies for your Mac or iOS device, start thinking of novel ways to use them and prepare to share with the rest of us in the New Year.

Thanks to everybody for all the contributions, and have a great holiday and a safe weekend.

Craig A.
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Happy Thanksgiving! Site News
Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our readers in the U.S. I'll be away with family the next few days and will resume publication on Monday.

I do have a request to make, as there haven't been many hint submissions related to either iLife 11 or MS Office 2011. If you have discovered any new tricks or uses or pitfalls regarding one or more of the applications in those suites, please consider sharing them with the community.

My thanks to all of you,

Craig A.
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Ten Years and a Night Site News
November 4th, 2000.

Happy Tenth Birthday, MacOSXHints!

Thanks to all the many authors, contributors, readers throughout the decade. And many, many thanks to Rob, for creating this great place to share our discoveries, big and little.
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Poll about the Lion preview announcements Site News
OK, the poll is up and running again. Please cast your vote.

Thanks for your patience.

Here's the direct link to it.
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No hints today Site News
No, it's not an undocumented holiday. I'm on travel and will be back tomorrow. Keep the good hints coming in the meantime.

I'll be trying out Parallels 6 and see what can be culled from that.
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No Hints Today - Happy Labor Day! Site News
It's the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. today. We'll be back tomorrow with some more iTunes 10 hints, while awaiting the iOS 4.1 and Mac OS X 10.6.5 updates.
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FQDN change to Site News
The site's fully-qualified domain name changed yesterday from to

DNS redirection should be taking place automatically but you will want to update your bookmarks. You may also need to update saved login credentials to reflect the new domain.

Please let me know if you encounter any difficulties resulting from the changeover.


P.S. The MacOSXHints forums will be changing as well:
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