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Use Finder's Paste Item Exactly to maintain permissions Apps
You may already be aware that the Finder allows you to copy and paste files and folders to move them around on your Mac: Select a file, choose Edit -> Copy, navigate elsewhere, and then choose Paste Item. Now you've copied the file, and it exists in two places.

If you hold down the Option key, that Paste Item command changes to Move Item Here instead. Now instead of duplicating the file in question, you've changed its location on your Mac. Great!

But here's the hint: Hold down Shift and Option together, and the command becomes Paste Item Exactly. (You can use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Option-Command-V if you're dextrous.) When you select that option, the Finder prompts you for an administrator password. This option ensures that the file's original ownership and permission settings (that you'd set via the Get Info panel, or via the chmod and chown commands, for example) are maintained exactly.

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Take Panorama pictures vertically iOS devices
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Adjust the volume of turn-by-turn directions in Maps iOS devices
The Maps app in iOS 6 and later offers turn-by-turn directions using Siri's voice. But most iPhone and iPad device owners don't know how to adjust the volume of that voice. It's not where you'd expect.

Fire up the Settings up, and scroll down until you find Maps. There, you'll see controls for disabling the app's voice, or making its volume Low, Medium, or Loud.
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Take Panorama photos in either direction iOS devices
When you want to snap a Panorama photo with your iPhone, you know the drill: You tap the button, and then slowly, steadily move your iPhone from left to right to capture the best possible panoramic photo.

But what if you're already standing at the right side of your horizontally-oriented subject? It seems crazy that you need to head all the way to the opposite left side, just so you can snap your wide photo.

And indeed, that WOULD be crazy. You don't have to. Instead, just tap on the Panorama arrow/line, and it flips directions.
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Make your iPhone truly silent in silent mode Phones
When you flip the ring/silent switch on your iPhone, it goes quiet while it's locked/asleep—mostly. But unless Do Not Disturb is turned on, your iPhone will still buzz the hum of its internal vibration motor when alerts that would otherwise ring out arrive.

But there's a fix. You can make your silenced iPhone be truly silent with a single flick of a virtual switch. Head over to Settings, and tap on Sounds. Switch Vibrate on Silent to off, and your phone will be both sound and vibration free when you slide the ring/silent switch to the quieter position.
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Send iMessages from the Finder System 10.8

Just as you can send iMessages from the Contacts app, you can do so from the Finder too.

Right-click on any file or folder, and choose Share from the contextual menu that comes up. You can share files via AirDrop, email, and various social media services, depending upon the filetype. But nearly any file can be shared via iMessage.

Select the Messages option, and a popover appears for you to compose your message. If you really want to send the file, of course, you can go right ahead and do so. But if you're just looking to fire off a quick iMessage without first launching the Messages app, you can delete the file attachment from the message body, compose your message, and send it on its way.

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Quick Look with a three-finger tap System 10.8
Keyboard junkies know that they can rely on the spacebar to trigger a Quick Look preview of a file, folder, or drive in the Finder. But what about trackpad junkies?

The good news is, there's an option for the multitouch mavens, too. Perform a three-finger tap on any Quick Look-able item in the Finder, and a Quick Look preview you shall receive.

Repeat the gesture to send the Quick Look preview back into the abyss.
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Create Smart Collections in Font Book System 10.8
You remember Font Book, right? That's the built-in app that OS X offers for organizing and previewing fonts. In Mountain Lion, it gained a feature to make organization a little simpler: Smart Collections.

They work just like Smart Playlists, Smart Folders, and Smart Mailboxes. Option-click the Plus icon at the lower left, or choose File -> New Smart Collection.

Filters in your Smart Collection can include Family Name, Style Name, PostScript name, Languages, and Design Style. That way, you could make a collection that consists of, say, only English, italic, sans-serif fonts.
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Share contacts from your Mac via iMessage or AirDrop System 10.8
OS X's built-in Contacts app has long offered an option to share a contact's details via email. But OS X Mountain Lion added two additional options.

With a contact selected, click on the Send To arrow icon at the bottom of the window, and you can choose to send the card not just via email, but also via iMessage and AirDrop.

If you select the iMessage option, when the iMessage composition screen pops up, you can also use it as a quick shortcut to iMessaging the email address or phone number of your choosing: Just delete the card attachment inserted in the message body, and write whatever you'd like instead.
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Rearrange the Finder's sidebar sections via drag and drop System 10.8
Rearranging the sections in the sidebar of Finder windows used to be a beast. That hasn't been the case since the introduction of Mountain Lion.

You can drag and drop sections like Favorites, Devices, and Shared to reorder them however you'd like. And when you do so, the change is immediately effective in all Finder windows already open.

Even better, of course: The change is reflected in any new Finder windows you open, too.
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