10.9: Terminal text shortcuts still work in Safari

Jun 27, '14 07:00:00AM

Contributed by: descoff

I should have stumbled on this one years ago but I have just realised typing in Safari's address bar and unconsciously doing Ctrl+a to go to the start of my query, that it works.

We recall these life saving Unix text editing shortcuts:

I have tested those with success in various standard Dialog Boxes, TextEdit windows andin Safari's address bar; it seems to be a relatively system wide standard. Of course no luck with MS apps, they use their non-standard Alt+arrows (when most other Mac apps use the widely known Ctrl+arrows).

First my sincerest apologies to all those who knew and if there ever was a similar hint since 2003 in the DB. [crarko adds: At the time this hint was originally submitted the site's search function was not working.]

Ever watchful of posting etiquette, I did Google to make sure I was on to something greater than being ridiculed. Alas, after some efforts, I did find a full reference elsewhere. Still I post this stale and quasi 'hint', feigning to take comfort I may help some (one or two ?) and trying to find pitiful schadenfreude at the same time.

[crarko adds: Cute. There are plenty of older versions of this notion, this being a handy one. Now that the site's search feature is back up I'm sure there are others. Nevertheless, there are enough Mac users around who are new since 2001 that a little refresher isn't all bad.]

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