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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around Phones
It just so happens that the building where I work has no street address, as it is part of a university campus. When I asked Siri where I was, it gave me an address, which I put as my work address in my contact card. However, whenever I asked Siri to give me directions to work, it would lead me astray - about a mile down the road. Yet when I double-checked by asking Siri where I was, it aid I was at the address previously reported. I also discovered that if I manually touch the address in my contact card and touch Directions to here I would get directed to the correct spot! I played around with Siri today and figured out a work-around so that I could ask Siri for directions to work and get there properly.

I believe this is all due to some sort of Apple Maps bug. Manually touching to get directions versus asking Siri for directions to the same address should give you directions to the same place. I suspected that Siri was using different address mappings than Maps was using, so I tried methodically asking Siri to give me directions to slightly different addresses on the same road to see if I could pinpoint the address that Siri thought my building was located at. This turned out to be an incorrect assumption. I discovered that if I ask Siri these 2 questions, I get two different destinations:
  • Give me directions to xxx Road.
  • Give me directions to xxx Road, City.
The first gave me directions to the correct destination and the second gave me directions to a place on the same road about a mile away. My Contact card had the full address: city, state, zip and country included. I first tried removing all but the street address, but that gave me wildly inaccurate results.

In order for me to be able to ask Siri for directions to work and get the correct result I had to delete only the city from the work address in my Contact card.

This problem is probably location specific; an issue with the map data itself, or possibly with the Maps app, so most people probably won't have this problem. I have submitted this issue to Apple via their feedback form and via the report a problem link in the Apple Maps app.

[crarko adds: Definitely sounds buggy to me, although I have noticed similar behavior in Google Maps and MapQuest before too. Anyway for future reference (if you don't have these) to report a bug in OS X go here and for iOS go here. If you're in the Developer program, you have access to other tools, of course.]
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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around
Authored by: robleach on Jun 12, '14 08:50:22AM

To clarify, by "xxx Road", I mean for example "13 Main Street". And it's definitely buggy. I asked Siri to remind me of something "when I get home" one day. When the reminder didn't go off, I brought it up, touched the 'show on map' link, and it had pinned a spot off the coast of Africa. The label was "Home" with my name on it. I could not reproduce this error, but the one in the hint is completely reproducible - had the issue every time for months since I moved.

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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around
Authored by: robleach on Jun 17, '14 06:52:19AM

Well, the Apple Maps Team contacted me about this hint, asked for more details, and apparently they're going to fix the problem!

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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around
Authored by: TokyoJimu on Jul 08, '14 07:31:38PM

Apple Maps still has too many problems to be useful. I was in New York City and asked for directions to 17 W. 32nd St. and it took me to that address in Joplin, Missouri. Huh?

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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around
Authored by: kootenayredneck on Jul 10, '14 06:10:49AM

Maps have a problem reading latís and longís.

Imported a few photoís from iPhone into Day One Journal on the iPhone and since Day One uses Maps to locate the position from the embedded information in the photo itís batting average is 50/50 at the moment. I have also tried this on the Mac and the same thing happened, so itís just not confined to the iOS.

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iOS: Maps wrong destination Work-around
Authored by: azeotropo on Aug 17, '14 12:24:40PM

The truth is Apple Maps have never worked properly. Although they have improved since their start they are still much worse than Google Maps, and setting a reminder when arriving at some place is completely useless.

Apple should give up on this already-lost battle and use a decent 3rd party map.

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