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Low-power mode for iOS devices
It's possible to save power when using Maps to navigate in a car. It's an obvious trick once you know about it, and easy too.

When you're navigating with the Maps app, you're probably used to it chewing through battery life. Even on a full charge my iPhone 5 doesn't last more than 2-3 hours when navigating.

To eke out extra life, just press the Sleep button (top of the phone), once you're on your way and are on a long stretch before the next turn/navigation point (i.e. on a freeway for 50 miles). The screen will blank, but the navigation will continue. The phone will briefly wake 10 miles from your next turn/navigation point, to tell you about it, and will wake 2 miles from it and stay awake until you get past it.

To switch back to non-power-saving mode, just swipe as usual to wake the phone.

To be honest this doesn't save a huge amount of battery life in my tests, but it's better than nothing. For long journeys,you really need a USB power source such as those that fit into cigarette lighter sockets.

[crarko adds: I haven't tested this one, but I will on my next long drive.]
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Low-power mode for
Authored by: chabig on Apr 04, '14 09:33:51AM

I wouldn't call this a "low-power mode". Any time you turn the screen off you cut power consumption. You can turn the screen off during music playback too, but again I wouldn't call that a low-power mode--just common sense.

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Low-power mode for
Authored by: gopes on Apr 13, '14 10:07:37AM

Actually, I think this does provide power savings beyond simply turning off the screen. Whenever I do it, returning to the map always takes an extra couple seconds for the map to “get its bearings”, particularly regarding which direction I’m heading.

My guess is that with the screen off, iPhone doesn’t actively run the GPS chip but instead uses cell tower triangulation and WiFi for locations—which may also be why in screen-off mode the in-town directions are sometimes “off” for me. iPhone is supposed to auto-brighten the screen a half mile before a turn, for example, and that doesn’t always happen.

Regardless of what’s happening with the screen-off mode & tracking, I’ve also noticed that Maps seems to not do as much active tracking as other apps, like TomTom: the on-screen map does not always accurately reflect how close I am to a turn, even with the power plugged in. It’s a little bizarre…

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Low-power mode for
Authored by: scheeko on Apr 04, '14 12:15:40PM

Well, keeping the screen on will always deplete you battery faster than when it's shut off. What significantly drains power while navigating is the constant GPS lock, and that happens whether the screen is on or not.

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In the best traditions of OS X Hints stealing stuff I write...
Authored by: keirthomas on Apr 04, '14 12:49:56PM

I wrote this tip and added a brief sentence at the beginning mentioning it was from my new book, iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

Crako stripped out that sentence, and used the tip whole anyway. Other people get mentions of their blogs or businesses within their postings so I'm not sure what's the rule is here.

This has happened in the past too and, yeah, I should know better. The thing is, if Crarko doesn't like the brief mention of my book, he shouldn't use the tip. Simple. Instead, he just steals what he wants -- probably because nobody else submits tips any more because of this kind of questionable behavior from what was a once-great site.

Author of Mac Kung Fu
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In the best traditions of OS X Hints stealing stuff I write...
Authored by: barefootguru on Apr 04, '14 04:28:24PM

Yes this site's turned into a ghost town. But you submitted a hint and now you're sore that it ran? If you want advertising, submit an advert.

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Low-power mode for
Authored by: msadesign on Apr 05, '14 05:21:56AM

I'm thinking that editorial disagreements should be handled offline and between the two of you guys. Sheesh.

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Low-power mode for
Authored by: SwissMac on Apr 07, '14 09:26:28AM

I think the most likely reason there are fewer tips posted here is because of the large number of snarky comments from know it alls who seldom or never post tips themselves, but hate it when someone else posts one. I think this is the largest number of negative comments I have seen here, and it's quite sad when someone actually posted something useful. It's actually uncomfortable visiting the site because of this "I could have done better" approach by some readers. If they could have, why didn't they send in their own tip?

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