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Hiding Software Updates System
Since the introduction of Lion the system's Software Opdate mechanism has been integrated into App and the Software Update Preference Pane has been removed and substituted with "App Store".

If you constantly are being reminded to install software updates you don't really want to install, you can right-click (Control+click) the name of the update and hide it, eliminating the reminder.

[crarko adds: I think this is probably known already to many of you, but if it's not it can be a handy trick. I find the whole App Store method for Software Update a lot less pleasant than the old Snow Leopard mechanism where it was separate, but maybe I'm just old fashioned.]
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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: benwiggy on Apr 02, '14 08:29:48AM

I don't see this at all. Ctrl-click does nothing for Apple Updates. Purchases, yes: you get "Hide Purchase".

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: keirthomas on Apr 02, '14 08:40:54AM

Looks like this only works with Apple updates. The option doesn't appear with third-party apps.

You can test this right now if you haven't updated for a while because a Safari update is waiting. It works there, but not on any other apps queued to be downloaded (including Apple's own iWork apps).

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: robleach on Apr 02, '14 09:42:39AM

I have apple updates waiting: system update, garage band, pages, numbers, and keynote. I tried right-clicking and control-clicking all of them (their icons, their name, the summary, and the update button). None of them offered a contextual menu, let alone an option to hide. I'm running Mavericks. What am I doing wrong?

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: crarko on Apr 02, '14 12:51:19PM

OK, I'm having trouble using this on the new Safari update too. I wonder if this is something that got removed recently.

If people have this working, please post the version of the OS you are using. I'm on 10.9.2.

If it's really gone, I'll probably delete the hint.


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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: robleach on Apr 03, '14 07:38:04AM

I have 10.9.2. I discovered that you can hide purchases under the purchases tab using this method, but unfortunately, you cannot hide the system update - so it won't quiet the daily notification.

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: Brethil on Apr 02, '14 01:08:47PM
I'm doing this on 10.9.2, but it only works with Apple system updates, does not work with iWork etc etc

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: jaydisc on Apr 02, '14 03:56:07PM

This worked perfectly for hiding the persistent nag to upgrade to Mavericks on 10.8.5.

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: wgscott on Apr 03, '14 06:48:24AM

After failing with this approach and many others, I finally got rid of it by killing the Notification Center. I don't want to upgrade Keynote etc given the regressions basically make it impossible to teach my lectures and make podcasts with the new Keynote, and all the in-your-face notifications from this and everything else were driving me nuts (along with the constant need to reset after new installs) I find I am liking OS X a lot more again. Why is Apple getting all Redmondy now?

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: calum on Apr 03, '14 07:26:45AM

Yep, you're just old fashioned :) While I'm not a massive fan of the App Store overall, I hated it when I had to go to two different places to update my software and much prefer doing it all together.

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: ambrose on Apr 16, '14 10:36:43PM
The old-style, Apple-items-only Software Update is still available outside of the App Store environment. The only catch--for some people--is that it's invoked as a command in Here's a precis of what it offers:
usage: softwareupdate <mode> [<args> ...]

	-l | --list		List all appropriate updates
	-d | --download		Download Only
	-i | --install		Install
		<label> ...	specific updates
		-a | --all		all appropriate updates
		-r | --recommended	only recommended updates

	--ignore <label> ...	Ignore specific updates
	--reset-ignored		Clear all ignored updates
	--schedule (on | off)	Set automatic checking

	-v | --verbose	Enable verbose output
	-h | --help	Print this help
Obviously, one needs to consult the man pages for a full explanation. With the exception of the use of the --list mode, all commands must be issued with admin authentication. I don't recall how many releases it's been since this command first appeared, but it's been a good many of them.

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Hiding Software Updates
Authored by: xvmike on Sep 19, '14 08:36:51AM

Certain apps refuse to load until you've updated or signed-in and attempted to update them. This is a problem if you don't have an Internet connection or if you need to run an old version of an app. Pages is especially irritating in this regard. The simplest way around it is to control-click the application bundle in Finder, select "Show Package Contents" and then locate and double-click the unix executable file in the bundle's Contents/MacOS sub-folder.

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