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Make your iPhone truly silent in silent mode Phones
When you flip the ring/silent switch on your iPhone, it goes quiet while it's locked/asleep—mostly. But unless Do Not Disturb is turned on, your iPhone will still buzz the hum of its internal vibration motor when alerts that would otherwise ring out arrive.

But there's a fix. You can make your silenced iPhone be truly silent with a single flick of a virtual switch. Head over to Settings, and tap on Sounds. Switch Vibrate on Silent to off, and your phone will be both sound and vibration free when you slide the ring/silent switch to the quieter position.
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Make your iPhone truly silent in silent mode
Authored by: bryguy on Sep 04, '13 11:45:55AM

Will this stop the Emergency Alerts from going off at 3am?

(Wake me once, shame on you. Wake me twice, I throw the damn phone out the window...or just turn off Emergency Alerts all together)

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Make your iPhone truly silent in silent mode
Authored by: robleach on Sep 04, '13 12:49:24PM

My problem with silent is that not all apps respect the mute switch. The "with friends" family of free games play blaringly loud commercials when the phone is supposed to be "muted". You must turn down the volume all the way, and the only problem with that is that half the time, when the app is otherwise silent, turning the volume down only affects the ringtone and not the commercial volume, so you have to start to turn it down after the commercial starts playing. So frustrating. What's the point of having the mute if it doesn't mute?!

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Authored by: mdwittenberg on Sep 05, '13 08:35:44AM

I'm all for sharing "the basics" for audience members who area simply new to a platform, however I've grown to know Mac OS X Hints to generally offer a higher standard of how-to.

For this hint in particular, I'm surprised to see two verbose paragraphs which fail to mention several fundamental exceptions. For one, alarms (set by the Apple Clock app) override the silent toggle as do timers. Also, as mentioned by another commenter above, there is no mention of how to further ensure your iPhone will be silent by turning off Emergency and Amber alerts. Even then, I would have thought MacOSXHints would have pointed out, for the benefit of their readers, that unless disabled FindMyiPhone will *always* have the ability to make the phone chirp.

@bryguy: Settings > Notifications [Scroll all the way down]

@robleach: When you know an ad is about to come up try: double tapping the home button to activate the multitasking tray, sliding to the left to the media controls, and sliding to the left again to reveal a persistent media volume control.

Edited on Sep 05, '13 08:36:25AM by mdwittenberg

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Authored by: robleach on Sep 17, '13 08:22:59AM

Thanks! Great tip. (Though I don't agree with the commentary on the quality of the hints. Some hints are good, some not so good, but they're all dependent on the community. If awesome pro tips aren't getting submitted, then they've got to post something. I look at it more as a malleable ebb and flow sort of thing - you get dry spells where the hints don't really relate to you and then there are times when every hint is right up your alley.)

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How to tell if "Vibrate on Silent" is active
Authored by: Hypnoman on Sep 24, '13 10:53:32AM

It's also helpful to know that when "Vibrate on Silent" is active the phone gives a little vibrate when you switch it to silent mode, but not when you take it off silent mode.

If "Vibrate on Silent" is not active, it's the other way round: the phone doesn't vibrate when you switch the side-switch to 'silent' but it does vibrate when you turn silent mode off.

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