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FaceTime not logging in? Check your Mac's serial number Apps
Have you ever found that FaceTime won't let you log in even though your Apple ID and password are correct? I had that problem with a client's Mac, and nothing I tried did work. After eliminating all the obvious things, such as testing with other IDs, user accounts and even other systems, I discovered the reason.

As it turns out, FaceTime is dependent on a correct logic board serial number. This is also true for other services like iCloud. This particular Mac had its logic board replaced a long time ago, and the technician forgot to set the serial number on the new board. So instead of the regular serial number it said SystemSerialNumb in System Profiler. After setting the serial number to the correct one, which can be found on every Mac's housing, FaceTime would log in and work flawlessly.

In case you are wondering: every Apple Authorized Service Partner has access to a bootable image which contains a tool to write the serial number to the logic board.

[kirkmc adds: Interesting point. I recall having had a logic board change some years ago, and the serial number was not set (as I discovered when the Mac needed to go into service again). This was around the time that FaceTime was launched, and I could never get it to work on that Mac. It's too far in the past to be sure, but this might have been the cause.]
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FaceTime not logging in? Check your Mac's serial number
Authored by: agentx on May 28, '13 08:25:32AM

BBS - Blank Board Serialiser is the tool very useful !
This is such a PITA and in my experience ~20% of MacBook Pros/iMacs have come back without a serial after logic board repair, it is very sloppy and not uncommon. In fact iMessage, iCloud, Find my Mac, and FaceTime from memory will just not work. It is on my list of things to check now as lost lots of time to this issue when iCloud came out and we had 15 MBP that would not work ! Have had to take many machines back into a AAP and get them to flash them.

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FaceTime not logging in? Check your Mac's serial number
Authored by: MyUniqueName on May 28, '13 11:16:38AM

and in my experience...

Never had a serial number on this old refurbished iMac (Serial Number System Serial#) now running 10.8.3 and everything (iCloud Facetime Messages etc.) has worked without a problem.

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FaceTime not logging in? Check your Mac's serial number
Authored by: roberth321 on May 29, '13 06:56:44AM

In the rush to get a machine back to the customer it used to be surprisingly simple to forget to serialize a logic board.
Now the server based diagnostic software Apple service providers use makes it very obvious and surprisingly easy to fill the serial # in on new lbu's.
So it shouldn't happen at all now which is good because an un-serialized board may also block up iTunes and App store purchases / authentication.

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