Use Dropbox and Automator to automatically import photos from Android

Apr 25, '13 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: Wheaty73

I have an Android phone and wanted to automatically save photos that I take in iPhoto, similar to the Photo Stream feature that iPhones have. Dropbox has a feature that automatically uploads photos that you take into a folder called "Camera Uploads,Ē which is synced across all of my devices, so was a perfect candidate for creating a cross-platform Photo Stream.

First, I needed to import the existing "Camera Uploads" photos into iPhoto, as the folder action only triggers when a new file appears in the folder. Once this has been done, the folder action can be created.

Open Automator and create a new Folder Action. Select the folder "Camera Uploads" (in the Dropbox folder).

Next, drag "Import files into iPhoto" from the list of actions to the main window. Select the album to import into, and choose whether to delete the photos after import or not (I chose not to).

Save and give the folder action a name.

Quit Automator and iPhoto.

To test it, I took a picture with my phone, and allowed Dropbox to upload it. As soon as my MacBook downloaded the file, iPhoto opened, and the new picture was imported. iPhoto then quit automatically.

[kirkmc adds: I donít have an Android phone, and cannot test this, but it seems pretty straightforward.]

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