Sync OS X Lion Address Book with Nokia device

May 30, '12 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: valentin

Until 10.6, all Nokia devices were directly supported by iSync. iSync still runs under 10.7, but has to be installed manually from a backup because it's no longer supported (you'll have to find a 10.6 installation to get a copy).

However, the introduction of iCloud finally broke iSync, too. You will not be able to sync a Nokia phone with iSync if you have iCloud activated.

The solution is:

  1. Create a new user (called for example NokiaSync)
  2. Select all Address Book entries. Drag the list of entries to your desktop. This creates a .vcf file.
  3. Copy this file to the Desktop of your new user NokiaSync (via the NokiaSync user's Public folder, or some other means).
  4. Drag the .vcf file into this user's Address Book.
  5. Launch iSync for user NokiaSync and sync NokiaSync's address book with your Nokia phone.
The key is that while every other user on your computer can use iCloud, the new user NokiaSync will not use iCloud and will be used only for syncing with your Nokia phone. You can repeat above steps 2 to 5 regularly, whenever you've made updates to your Address Book.

If you add new entries on your Nokia's address book, you can do the opposite process and Mac OS X will reliably detect which new entries were added and will copy these to your regular user's Address Book.

[kirkmc adds: I don't have a Nokia phone to test this, but it makes sense. It seems like a lot of work to update a contact list.]

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