Mac Address Book synchronization with Android device - iCloud problem

Feb 24, '12 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: nissebanan

I wanted to sync my Address Book on my MacBook Pro running Mac OS X to an Android device. The problem is that I use iCloud for syncing between my Mac and my iDevices (iPhone, iPad) via the iCloud service.

I found a solution for syncing between Mac OS X and Android with some tweaking. Download SyncMate and install it on the Mac. The free version handles Address Books. Then download SyncMate from Android Market on your Android device and install it.

Now all the addresses in Contacts groups are copied to the Android device. When you add new addresses on the Mac you have to copy them manually to the Contacts group and resync.

[crarko adds: It looks like the free version may also handle calendars. If anyone out there with an Android tries this out, please post your results.]

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