Migrate contacts from Verizon phone to iPhone

Jul 09, '09 07:30:00AM

Contributed by: dcottle

Here's one way to move contact from a Verizon phone to an iPhone. First back up your Verizon contacts using Backup Assistant (a small app you download using GetItNow). After running the app to back up, log onto your Verizon account, click the My Services tab, then click the My Contacts link.

This will show you all your contacts. Click the Print Address Book. This exports them into a single window ready for printing. But rather than print (or after printing as a backup), choose Save As and save the file as text. Open this in a text editor (it wouldn't open in Pages, so I opened first in TextEdit, then copied and pasted).

From there, you can do some replacing and deleting until you have a tab-delimited list which, voila, can be imported into Address Book and synced with your iPhone.

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