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MercuryMover 2 - Even better window management Pick of the Week
Earlier this year, I selected MercuryMover 1.1 as a Pick of the Week. This week, it's being selected again, because I've found version 2.0 to be a very nice upgrade over the original. There are two main features of 2.0 that I really like: you can define single keystrokes to set window size (width and height) and/or location (left and top of window), and there's a nice little info window that shows the current window's size and location. While the info window is nice, it's the shortcuts that I find really useful.

For instance, after activating MercuryMover (Control-Command-Up Arrow), you can then press 8 to set the current window to 800x600, or 1 to create a 1024x768 window -- those are both pre-defined in the MercuryMover interface. But you can create your own shortcuts too -- "t" to move a window to the top left of the screen, or maybe "W" to create a 1200-pixel wide window, keeping that window's current height. I have a number of predefined sizes for use with the Finder, web browsers, and text editors.

The MercuryMover interface has been redone with version 2.0, and it's now clearer and easier to use than it was before. Dan Frakes covered MercuryMover 2.0 in this recent Macworld Gems entry, if you'd like to read even more about it. As a keyboard fanatic, it's one of my favorite utilities, as it helps keep my mouse at rest.
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MercuryMover 2 - Even better window management
Authored by: DrMacMusic on Oct 07, '08 11:53:25AM

This does sound very useful. I wonder if it will help with an occasional but very annoying problem I have. I have a MacBook, and I use it at work with an extended display. There are some programs I run that, if last quit with a window on the extended-desktop, will the next time they are opened try to locate that window in the same display-space, even if it is no longer available. If I don't remember to bring all the windows back to the main desktop before closing the program, it can make the program impossible to use.

Someone posted an applescript solution to this problem on this forum, I believe, called "GatherWindows". This script forces all windows that a program is trying to display in non-existing regions of the extended desktop to display on the main desktop. The script works fine, but always takes a while for me to locate and run (I am sorry I can't find a link to the original post for this script, which means I have the original name wrong, or it was not on this forum).

Perhaps MercuryMover will have the ability to quickly relocate all of these "invisible" windows to the existing display space with a keyboard shortcut. I will check it out.

Thanks for the post

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MercuryMover 2 - Even better window management
Authored by: bumper314 on May 21, '10 12:54:34AM

While this is a bit of an old hint, I feel it's worth updating with the current slew of options on the market:

Cinch - $7 - is like Aero Snap for Mac.

SizeUp - $13 - allows you to easily position window using keyboard shortcuts.

Breeze - $8 - allows you to save window states and restore them like a template to another window.

Divvy - $14 - shows a grid on the screen where you can select boxes to indicate how you want the window to fill your screen.

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Mercurymover issue with Gedit
Authored by: gaudadasa on Feb 05, '11 11:30:42PM

Mercurymover works well on Finder and Safari but it fails to work on Gedit ( I use Gedit heavily for modifying small text files and need quick keys to fit multiple Gedit windows either to the edges or corners. I would appreciate it if Helium Foot Software team resolves this issue.

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