10.5: FunctionFlip - Toggle laptop's function key behavior

Sep 15, '08 06:55:00AM

Contributed by: robg

Do you have a Mac laptop with the multi-function Function keys (i.e. controlling brightness, keyboard illumination, media playback)? A setting in System Preferences controls how these keys work -- you can either have them work directly, or only when holding down the Fn button. But what if you want some of them (brightness, for instance) to work just by pressing the function key, and would prefer others (that you'd rather not press by accident, or what rather use for other commands) work only when holding down the Fn key?

The answer is this week's Pick of the Week, FunctionFlip. It's a simple System Preferences panel that lets you specify which keys react with or without the Fn key held down, and it works quite well. Dan Frakes wrote about it in detail in this recent Mac Gems entry, in case you want more information. (Dan wrote about version 1.1, and his biggest complaint was that FunctionFlip took up space in his crowded menu bar for a program he rarely used after setting it up. Version 1.2 fixes this, as it's now a System Preferences panel.)

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