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Aug 25, '08 06:08:00AM

Contributed by: robg

Back in June, I wrote about the Apple Design Awards at the 2008 edition of Apple's WWDC, where Bee Documents' Timeline 3D earned a runner-up award for Best Mac OS X Leopard Application. And while I've been on vacation for the last week or so, I noticed today that Dan Frakes gave Timeline a spot in Mac Gems last week. Given I wasn't looking at much new software over the last week, I thought Timeline would be a reasonable first pick for my return from vacation. Timeline's purpose is to make it easy to create beautiful timelines, and it does this quite well. It's easy to use (though that ease of use imposes some limitations, as Dan covers in his writeup), and the finished timelines are beautiful.

Beyond the basic package, the 3D Edition enables (surprise!) 3D timelines, which are quite cool. (You can watch the demo video on the Bee Documents' site to get a sense of how the 3D timelines look and work.) The other thing you get with the 3D Edition is improved export support -- in addition to PDF and TIFF, you can export for use on the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Keynote, or as a gorgeous 1080p HD video.

While it has some limitations, I've not found a simpler solution for creating beautiful timelines -- read Dan's writeup for more details on Timeline. (Note that there's a version of Timeline available for non-Leopard users, but I've not tried it, nor do I know how the features compare to the 10.5-only versions.)

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