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10.5: Delicious Library 2 - Track more of your stuff Pick of the Week
The first version of Delicious Library was a Pick of the Week way back in 2004. At the time, Delicious Library let you easily catalog your books, movies, music, and video games -- it could read bar codes using an iSight camera, and then look up data for those bar codes on the web, greatly simplifying the task of creating a digital version of your collection. Your collection is then displayed with virtual representations of the books, movies, etc., using images that are also downloaded from the web.

Version 2 picks up where version one left off, with a slew of new features and performance tweaks. In addition to the original categories, new categories allow you to track tools, toys, software, gadgets, and clothing. The user interface has been overhauled, replacing the sidebar of version one with a lower window pane that presents a variety of information related to the selected item. You can see a synposis of the item from Amazon; detailed info such as publication date, retail price, purchase date, etc.; snippets of reviews from Amazon; and recommendations (again, from Amazon) for other related items that you may like.

For those who loan out items in their collection, it seems like the loan-and-return interface is now easier to use. However, I don't use this feature at all, so I'm not in the best position to comment on it.

The program now uses CoreAnimation to display your library, which provides for fast scrolling and resizing, as well as some nifty animations when you add or delete items from the library. There are strong links between iTunes and DL2, so much so that changes in iTunes song info, for instance, are automatically read into DL2.

One of my complaints with the previous version of DL was that it got slow, even with my moderately-sized collection. Between the use of CoreAnimation, a change to a SQL database back-end, and other behind-the-scenes changes, speed is no longer an issue, even (apparently) for those with thousands of items in their collections. I certainly haven't noticed any slowness while using the program.

There are tons of other changes in version two as well; this page on the Delicious Library site does a much better job of covering them all than I ever could. Suffice it to say that if you liked version one, you'll probably love version two. And if you've never used Delicious Library, check out the demo to see everything its capable of doing. You'll be limited to, I believe, 25 items, but that's enough to get a sense of the program's capabilities.
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Why is the SQL database not multi-user?
Authored by: liam32123 on Aug 11, '08 10:14:13AM

I thought for a moment, when I saw that they had moved to an SQL back end, that they had fixed what is to me the deal breaker.

I don't understand in this day and age why applications are written with the idea that people do their own thing on their own computer and never share. Even though there are only two people in my house I want to be able to manage my stuff, and my wife manage her stuff and either of us manage our stuff in a single household database, from our own machines.

What is so hard for companies like DL's creators that they can't put in record locking in a database and access said database over the network?

Cheers, Liam

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10.5: Delicious Library 2 - Track more of your stuff
Authored by: ewelch on Aug 12, '08 07:06:41PM

I'm not real happy with the new interface. It's quite opaque. (i.e. not intuitive.)

I want to check out 24 Season 1 to a friend at work. Um, how do I do it? There's no hint in the interface. I try help. Doh! There's NO HELP!

What the heck?

So I go to their website, and they mention the capability, and it's basically drag the movie to the friend's entry in your address book.



Ernest Hemingway's writing reminds me of the farting of an old horse. - E.B. White

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10.5: Delicious Library 2 - Track more of your stuff
Authored by: Vanillie on Aug 13, '08 05:26:14AM


If you want to loan someone say a book, do the following:

1) Create a "friend" entry for this person, by clicking the + on the bottom left.
2) Drag and drop the book on the newly created "Friend"

Done! Hope this helps.


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10.5: Delicious Library 2 - Track more of your stuff
Authored by: donald perreault on Aug 13, '08 05:46:28AM
Eric, select the plus arrow in the bottom right corner of the sidebar, a sheet will drop down and prompt you to add a Shelf, Smart Shelf or Friend. Once you add a friend you drag the movie to the friend.
Since the release customer service at Delicious Monster has been crazy but they are working hard to resolve all issues. I had a problem and Wil himself corresponded with me several times to resolve the problem and he fixed.

Wil is Genuis!

Delicious Library 2 is still the best of its kind, IMHO.

Can't wait for the iPhone version, lets hope ;)

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Golden Braeburn is a Golden Lemon
Authored by: alblue on Aug 13, '08 04:18:23PM

Sadly, it's not possible to use the in-app purchasing system behind a firewall or through proxies. This is because the protocol used for passing your credit card details to the back-end server doesn't use the industry standard and encrypted HTTPS (like the Apple App Store and iTunes Store does) but rather has invented its own non-standard protocol on non-standard ports. It's quite possible that the information transmitted is therefore unencrypted.

Unfortunately, there's no way around this since the author of the application doesn't understand how to architect client-server solutions properly in this day and age, and says so as much here in a lacklustre response. Furthermore, other apps using the Golden Braeburn solution for their purchasing mechanism are similarly broken.

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