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10.5: Disable automatic hyperlink creation in Smultron 3.2 Apps
I hadn't yet upgraded to the 10.5 version of Smultron (which is what I use to post the hints here each day), primarily because my main machine hasn't yet migrated to 10.5 (that's actually on the schedule for today; I've been too busy writing about 10.5 to actually update my workhorse!). This morning, though, Macworld contributor Kirk McElhearn pointed out a new "feature" that really wasn't all that useful: URLs are automatically converted to hyperlinks, at least visually (they gain an underline and are clickable).

The good news is that the links are only usable within Smultron; when I opened a saved test file in TextEdit, it was pure text. However, Kirk and I both find the visual links distracting in a pure text editor, but there doesn't seem to be a pref to disable them within Smultron. After some digging with strings, though, I found a solution: to disable automatic hyperlinks in Smultron 3.2, enter this in Terminal (after quitting Smultron):
defaults write org.smultron.Smultron AutomaticLinkDetection -bool FALSE
Relaunch Smultron, and you'll find you can again type a URL without having it converted into a link. I expect a future update will add a preference for this setting to the GUI, but until then, this works.
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10.5: Disable automatic hyperlink creation in Smultron 3.2 | 3 comments | Create New Account
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10.5: Disable automatic hyperlink creation in Smultron 3.2
Authored by: gaoshan on Nov 07, '07 10:06:58AM

I'm curious as to why you use Smultron to create posts. I've used it when I need a quick text editor for some small change to something but I generally find TextWrangler to be more robust for basic text editing (esp. things like straighten/educate quotes, normalize line endings, hard wrap, change case, zap gremlins).

I never considered using Smultron for blog posts so I'm intrigued to find that you use it for that. Why?

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10.5: Disable automatic hyperlink creation in Smultron 3.2
Authored by: robg on Nov 07, '07 10:42:00AM

I just prefer its interface, and I don't deal with 'smart text' very much -- the submission queue here on hints is 100% pure text, so there's no formatting issue to worry about. TextWrangler is admittedly more powerful (as its its ultra powerful uncle, BBEdit), but I find both confusing and overly-busy environments in which to work (too many preferences, too hard to find the simple functions I want to use, etc.).

Smultron is simple and easy, and has a handy 'close tag' menu (which TextWrangler may very well have as well, but I can't seem to find it). So as I type HTML, I can just hit Cmd-T to close whatever tag it is I've presently got open.

Text editors are really a matter of personal preference -- I do use TextWrangler and BBedit for more complex stuff, like large search-and-replace tasks with grep. But for typing simple text files, I just like Smultron's interface.

(My all time fave is actually jEdit, but it was just a bit too slow and buggy on OS X, so I switched.) I need to give it another look and see how it's progressed; I loved it's plug-ins...


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10.5: Disable automatic hyperlink creation in Smultron 3.2
Authored by: TinyApps.Org on Jan 04, '10 09:44:24PM

Thanks so much for digging this up, Rob! I'm just moving back to Smultron after a few years of TextMate, and found the underlining distracting (there is still no preference to disable it in the GUI as of the final version, 3.6b1). Mad props to Peter Borg as well for making Smultron open source - changing the icns/png files and recompiling was the work of a moment thanks to him!

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