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Open Entourage .eml files without Entourage Apps
Recently one of my colleagues decided to copy about 40 emails to our server volume for a group of us to inspect the attached files. However, she made the assumption that we were all using Entourage, so she casually exported each of the mails as .eml files. Which is great if you're using Entourage, but not so great if you don't.

So rather than go through all the effort of installing Entourage and then configuring user accounts on 10+ workstations, or even finding a handy little program to do a batch conversion to something all of us could access, I wondered if, .eml being a packaged file of some sort, maybe Stuffit Expander could help out ... and hey, presto! It worked!

By simply dragging all of the .eml files onto Expander, it generated a separate folder in the Finder for each .eml file. Into that folder, it expanded all the relevant attachments (as files), plus a copy of the message body text. The only drawback I've noticed so far is that none of the header information is copied into the message file.

I have only tested this hint with Stuffit Expander versions 9 and 10. Other versions remain untested. I hope this helps some other poor soul out there like me.
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Open Entourage .eml files without Entourage
Authored by: robsilve on Oct 24, '07 06:34:13PM

Works for me with Stuffit 12.

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Open Entourage .eml files without Entourage
Authored by: djinn on Oct 25, '07 10:15:28AM

If the .eml files Entourage creates are the same that Outlook creates (they are simply the plain text source for a message, including uuencoded binary parts), I always used Thunderbird to read them with no problems. I've installed it just for that, no account configured (I use Apple's Mail for my email).

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Open Entourage .eml files without Entourage
Authored by: DHB on Oct 25, '07 03:56:57PM

If you are not trying to read any attachments in the emails, you don't need to do any conversion at all. Just drag the emails to TextEdit. They are just text versions of the email (with all the headers and encoded attachments).

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Open .eml files with Stuffit Expander
Authored by: dave-osx on Jan 20, '09 01:13:54PM

This is fantastic...makes me glad I bought Stuffit and reminds me of how OSX apps are always there for the user -- even when they don't know it yet!

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Open Entourage .eml files without Entourage
Authored by: TechMeBack on Dec 08, '10 09:37:00PM

I know the original posting is quite dated (circa 2007) but I wanted to post that EML files can also be opened with Apple's Mail program. Apple's Mail program comes with all Macs so it will not cost you extra. If you use Apple's Mail program and you receive an email with an attachment that ends in ".eml" you can open it by control-clicking or right clicking on it and choosing, “Open With…” and choosing "Mail." Apple's Mail program will then display the EML file correctly. I hope this information helps someone.


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