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Sep 18, '07 07:30:04AM

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During the Pick of the Week's long hiatus, my coworker Dan Frakes was busy as usual with his Mac Gems column over on He covered some interesting apps during the last six months or so, at least a few of which I found interesting enough to add to my list of Pick of the Week candidates. Dan wrote about Finder Window Manager (FWM) back in June, and I think it's an interesting enough program to merit its selection as a Pick of the Week here on macosxhints.

Dan wrote about FWM in detail, so I'm not going to repeat everything he wrote, but suffice it to say that FWM is a very useful addition to the Finder. FWM lets you work with sets of Finder windows, swapping one set of windows for another when you select a set from its menu. I've created sets called Main, Macworld Columns, Site Work, and Household. Each one opens a unique collection of folders, and does so with the windows set up exactly the same every time -- size, position, and view options; FWM gives you control over all these settings.

Outside of sets, you can enable something called the Watcher, which ensures that your Finder windows always look how you want them to look. Then there are the Utilities, which are a collection of handy tools for working with windows. You can close all, close all but frontmost, display a dialog to cycle through all windows in all applications, and stack or tile open windows, to name a few of the utilities.

FWM is just an application, so there's nothing to install or uninstall. Just launch it and it runs, adding its icon to your menubar. If you work with the Finder a lot, it's well worth a download and trial run; read Dan's writeup for much more information about all the things that FWM can do for you.

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