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Jul 13, '07 07:30:04AM

Contributed by: Nimitz

This previous hint suggested moving contact info from Outlook to Mac using libpst. But libpst is also useful for moving zillions of mail messages that are stuck on a switcher's (in this case, virus-ridden) Windows laptop. Of course, there are shareware apps (like the excellent O2M), but if you like to get your feet wet in the Terminal (and presuming you have Xcode installed), try this:

  1. Download libpst
  2. In Terminal, unwrap it using tar -zxvf libpst-0.5.x.tar.gz (in the same directory where you downloaded the file, obviously)
  3. Go into to the unwrapped folder: cd libpst-0.5.x
  4. Compile it using: make
  5. After compilation, you should have a file called readpst
Now that you have the program installed, execute this command:
readpst -o /path/to/output/folder /path/to/somefile.pst
Then open, choose Import Mailboxes... from the File menu, and pick Other as the type. Then look for the output folder where you saved the converted email, and sit back while imports all the messages.

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