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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino Pick of the Week
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I use Camino as my main (but by no means only) browser. I couldn't really tell you why, other than I like how it looks and works. It's the browser I tend to use when posting hints, and when I'm doing web research that involves opening lots of tabs. Like this weekend, we were looking for some info on how to safely remove a huge mirror that's been glued to the wall (answer: piano wire, it seems). I was using Google and command-clicking links, looking for tips. I had about 15 or so tabs open, and then ... blammo ... Camino gave up the ghost.

When I restarted Camino, though, nothing was lost -- all 15 of my tabs were there, ready to go. Why? Because of a tool that works so well that I always forget it's there: CaminoSession. (Coincidentally, Dan Frakes wrote about CaminoSession for MacGems last week. I swear I didn't know that until I started doing the writeup today!).

CaminoSession, as its name implies, is a session saver for Camino. Its preferences offer but three options: save session on quit, auto-restore on Camino launch, and auto-restore when launching Camino after a crash. I typically have the first and last options checked, but not the middle one (if I quit Camino, it's because I'm done doing whatever it is I needed it for). And when I experienced the crash on Sunday, CaminoSession did its thing, saving me quite a bit of rework, bringing me right back to where I was just before the crash.

It's not glamorous, it's not feature-packed, but it works very, very well. (Future versions of Camino will include some form of session saving, but for now, this is the best solution I've found.)
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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino
Authored by: wheeles on Jan 29, '07 11:46:58AM

Wow! A software pick that actually got 10 out of 10.

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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino
Authored by: pub3abn on Jan 29, '07 02:57:51PM

That's what I was going to say. I don't think I've seen that before.

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Piano wire!
Authored by: whoadoggy on Jan 29, '07 12:34:02PM

That is a great tip for getting large mirrors off the wall. May come in useful soon.
Thanks Rob!

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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino
Authored by: syko on Jan 29, '07 12:36:36PM

FYI, Omniweb does this and has done it for quite some time..

I used to be a big time Camino user but then went to Omniweb and since EVERY browser in the world crashes, the reloading of all my tabs in all the browser windows I had open is a huge timesaver.

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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino
Authored by: anton55x55 on Jan 29, '07 02:00:14PM

This is built into Firefox 2.

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Omniweb does this and more
Authored by: billclinton on Jan 29, '07 02:09:56PM

Not only does Omniweb have this feature, it also has the concept of Worksets whereby you can manage _sets_ of tabs in a Workset manager; it also remembers everything else about the state of your browser for each workset. You can choose to take a workset snapshot and restore it later and/or to have the workset updated automatically as you browse (these are not the same feature, as they work independently).

Omniweb has been jampacked with cool power-user features forever, and this is just one of them.

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CaminoSession - Session save and restore for Camino
Authored by: magir on Jan 29, '07 02:44:34PM

FYI: Basic session restore support ist already built into the current nightlies of Camino and will be included in one of the next releases.

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