10.4: iStat nano - A system information widget

Jan 15, '07 03:19:00PM

Contributed by: robg

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While putting together my presentations for Macworld Expo last week, I needed a few widgets to help demonstrate a particular tip. So I headed over to Apple's widget page and just grabbed a few at random. One of the ones I grabbed was iStat nano, which has turned out to be a most useful widget.

iStat nano is a small system information widget that provides lots of details on what's going on with your machine: CPU and memory usage, remaining disk space, network activity, top CPU using processes, uptime, system temperatures, battery status, and fan activity. (You have to approve the installation of a small extension to track fan and temperature information on Intel machines.)

My only complaint is that, with my aging -- though still 20/20 -- eyes, I wish the widget were just a bit bigger. While I don't have to squint to read it, if the widget and its text were just a bit larger, everything would be easier to read. Other than that, though, iStat nano works well, and provides a lot of useful information in an easy-to-use package.

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