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10.4: Use Xcode's AU Lab to send sound via the net Apps
Tiger only hintAfter playing with Fun House (and using a simple clock screensaver made in the great Quartz Composer), I found another app that made it worth installing the Developer Tools. Using the AU Lab utility, you can (amongst other things) easily send a sound over a local network. One of the applications could be using an old iBook as a listening device for baby sitting:
  1. On the transmitting side, turn down volume to avoid feedback, launch AU Lab (in /Developer -> Applications -> Audio), select the proper Input Source from the pop-up menu, and then click the Add Input button on the Inputs tab when creating new document. Click OK to create the new document.
  2. Under Effects in the Audio Device side of the new window that opens, click the pop-up and choose AUNetSend. Decide data format (AAC 128 Kbps works) and enter a Bonjour name.
  3. On the receiving side, launch AU Lab and make new document, this time without inputs. Then, in Edit menu, choose Add Audio Unit Generator. Choose AUNetReceive and click OK. In the new Properties window, select the desired Bonjour name and click button Select Host.
Pretty simple huh? You can also save those configurations in a file. Of course you could do all this with iChat on Bonjour, but this solution can have an unlimited (well only by network capacity) number of listeners. Another application could be many computers playing the same music from Party Shuffle (using freeware Soundflower to redirect sound output), or one computer listening from more sources (I haven't tried that one, but as I can add more effects or tracks...)

PS: When using only the built-in mic, make sure you choose Mono on all dialogs and palettes, to save network load.

[robg adds: This hint covered another use for AU Lab. I have not tested this one...]
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Is this better than QT Broadcaster?
Authored by: linguini on Oct 19, '05 11:23:16AM

A few months ago, our 'low-tech' baby intercom stopped working, so we used a powerbook running quicktime broadcaster to broadcast live audio from our baby's room. Worked perfectly, and I really enjoyed the puzzled looks on the faces of people to whom I tried to explain what the powerbook is doing there...

So now I'm glad to hear I'm not the only crazy Mac user who has such ideas!

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Is this better than QT Broadcaster?
Authored by: zpjet on Oct 19, '05 11:14:52PM

no, it's almost the same, i compared the load with streaming mpeg-4 and it's about 20% on my old ibook. maybe you can submit your way as another hint so we could compare the easiness. i guess you just launch qtb, put the ip in manual unicast and the same ip into qtp?

i noticed there's a "plus" button on the AUNetReceive palette, where i can type in hostname and port which would allow to stream, with well chosen ports (or well setup firewall) to stream over internet?

another think, i could add more AUNetSends and choose different encoding. perhaps a way how to run a home made radiostation?

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humming sleep monitor
Authored by: zpjet on Oct 20, '05 02:05:04AM

well i still can't sleep when a computer is on in the same room (well ibook is silent if its hard disk goes to sleep too and load is low to keep its fan off) but children of the future should get used to it as once they might have one in their skull :)

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10.4: Use Xcode's AU Lab to send sound via the net
Authored by: gaoshan on Oct 19, '05 12:19:27PM

Sooper Kewl ™ , this is a fun hint! I had to open the port in my laptop's firewall (52800 both TCP and UDP as I don't know which is needed) that AU Lab was using to get this to work but after that, smooth as silk.

For the uninitiated:

System Preferences -> Sharing -> Firewall -> New -> Port Name:Other -> Fill in the blanks(i.e. 52800 in both TCP and UDP) -> OK

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10.4: Use Xcode's AU Lab to send sound via the net
Authored by: Skeeve on Mar 19, '10 04:04:50AM

In 10.5 I can't get this to work "Audio input not supported" is displayed :-(

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10.4: Use Xcode's AU Lab to send sound via the net
Authored by: Skeeve on Mar 21, '10 09:46:20PM

P.S.: In conjunction with "SoundFlower" it works.

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10.4: Use Xcode's AU Lab to send sound via the net
Authored by: obstruction on Aug 25, '10 10:45:26AM

Works for me, broadcasting from Snow Leopard to Tiger! I had tried SpeakerShare, which worked, but wouldn't open on Tiger because of Java limitations.

Can anyone think of a way to delay audio in Soundflower(bed) so the sending and receiving machines play synchronized? With Soundflowerbed on, going out to the built-in output, my audio is a second or so ahead of the receiving machine.

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