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Enable detailed logging options Apps
This may be nothing more than a simple curiosity to most, unless you're trying to debug some subtle email problems, when some of these settings can become quite useful. has a number of settings which allow watching of the activities it is doing. These are set via the defaults command line program (in Terminal); eg, to enable logging of how long takes to complete an email address, the command would be
  defaults write LogAddressCompletionTimes -bool true
To disable, either set it to false:
  defaults write LogAddressCompletionTimes -bool false
or remove it completely (they default to off, so no setting is as if it is set to false):
  defaults delete LogAddressCompletionTimes
When any of these are enabled, the output is sent to the console log (use the Console application to view, or look at it via /Library -> Logs -> Console -> console.log. Make sure is not running when you change these settings. Other methods can be used to change these (Property List Editor, manually editing the .plist file, etc), but the defaults command is pretty simple for this purpose. If you're truly paranoid, backup the .plist (~/Library -> Preferences -> prior to messing around with this (again, do this after you quit

Read the rest of the hint for the full list of defaults options.

The function of many of these is pretty evident from their names, some less so; I've provided descriptions for those I've been able to detect so far. The various settings (this applies to 1.3.9v619, as on 10.3.5, so who knows what may happen on earlier and later versions) are:
  • LogAddressCompletionTimes - time it takes to find an address suitable for completion
  • LogComposeWindowTimes - time to open a new compose window
  • LogDateColumnTimes - time it takes to load "date widths"
  • LogDeliveryTimes - time to send a mail out
  • LogFlagChangeTimes
  • LogHeaderJunkMailActivity - information as scans a message's headers
  • LogIMAPFetchTimes
  • LogIndexingTimes - time to index a mailbox
  • LogJunkMailActivity - some statistics on the internal junk mail filter
  • LogMailboxesDrawerDrawingTimes - time to draw the drawer with the list of mailboxes
  • LogMailboxOpenTimes - time to open the displayed mailbox
  • LogMailImportActivity
  • LogMessageDeletionTimes - time to delete a message
  • LogMessageLoadTimes - time to load a full message (for display only?)
  • LogMessageThreadingTimes - time to figure out message threading information
  • LogMessageTransferTimes
  • LogNotificationActivity - very, very verbose, logs info on all application notifications
  • LogPOPFetchTimes - time it took to grab mail via POP
  • LogRouterActivity
  • LogRoutingTimes
  • LogSocketTimes - timing information for a network socket (when it does POP/IMAP, not outgoing)
  • LogSortTimes - time to sort the displayed mailbox items
  • LogTableViewDrawingTimes
  • LogTransferOperationTimes
  • LogWindowDrawingTimes - time to display the window
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Enable detailed logging options
Authored by: donaciano on Oct 20, '04 01:12:29PM

I've been trying to troubleshoot a particular prob of mine for a while, and was looking for more logging info. Doesn't seem any of these would help, but maybe they could.

Mail sends and receives no problem, I've tried deleting and re-creating accounts, etc... everytime it sends and receives it beeps. That's all. It's just annoying and I'm trying to find it. Argh... nothing in any logs I could find though. Any ideas?

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Enable detailed logging options
Authored by: hamarkus on Oct 20, '04 05:26:00PM

If nothing else helps get Detour (

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Enable detailed logging options
Authored by: enthooz on Nov 19, '04 01:41:50AM

Perhaps I am missing something, but I believe the solution to your problem is simple. Go to Mail>Preferences. Select "None" under "New mail sound:" and uncheck "Play sounds for other mail actions". I apologize if this is an oversimplified solution to a more complicated problem, though I hope it helps.

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Enable detailed logging options
Authored by: willoneal on Apr 24, '13 10:24:58AM

Anyone know if this works in 10.8? I've enabled some of the options, but I see no changes in the Console. I may be doing it wrong, though.

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