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Tunnel webdav over ssh and bypass proxy Network
SSL support for webdav is not available on Mac OS X, but it is possible to tunnel webdav over ssh. One can set up the tunnel as follows:
$ ssh -fN -L8080:localhost:80 webdavserver
$ mkdir /Volumes/mnt
$ mount_webdav localhost:8080/Users /Volumes/mnt
Where webdavserver is the hostname of your webdav server, and you want to access the /Users folder on your local machine via the path /Volumes/mnt. You must have an account on webdavserver.

Read the rest for the post-use cleanup instructions, and a proxy bypass hint...

When you are done, clean up as follows (comments noted with #, commands with $):
# unmount the webdav mount
$ umount /Volumes/mnt

# remove the directory
$ rmdir /Volumes/mnt

# assign the variable named pid the process id of the ssh
# tunnel process. do this by running the ps command and 
# use the awk program to filter out the awk process and
# to print the process id of the ssh process as identified
# by the string ssh -fN -L ...
$ pid=`ps -x|awk "/awk/{ next; } \
     /ssh -fN -L$8080:localhost:80 webdavserver/ {print \\$1; }"`

# if the value in pid is greater than 2, the kill that process
# It's value should really only be 0 or some other number much
# greater than 1. This just safe guards us from killing the Darwin
# init process.
$ [ ${pid:-0} -gt 2 ] && kill $pid
But what if your Network Preferences are configured with a proxy setting? Well, one would think you could just add localhost to the proxy bypass settings list. However, due to a bug in mount_webdav, the exception localhost will be ignored.

The workaround is to add ocalhost to the proxy bypass list. Yes, that's localhost with the leading l dropped. In general, mount_webdav will ignore any exception host that is identical in length to the actual hostname specified on the mount_webdav command line. The workaround is to specify the exception hostname with the leading character dropped.
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