10.3: Switch Terminal window focus with mouse movement

Oct 31, '03 10:11:00AM

Contributed by: rrmeyer

A feature that I've long waited for -- window focus that follows the mouse between terminal windows -- has finally been added (in a hidden manner) to the 10.3 Terminal application. From the Terminal, type:

defaults write com.apple.Terminal FocusFollowsMouse -string YES
Quit and restart the Terminal and enjoy! Now if I only had window autoraise, I'd be in heaven!

[robg adds: I know a bunch of Linux/X11 users who are gonna love this one! If you don't like it, though, just re-do the command with NO at the end. Or if you're really paranoid about excess items in prefs files, you can remove the default entirely with defaults delete com.apple.Terminal FocusFollowsMouse.]

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