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Restore Classic with drag and drop Classic
If you have to reformat a hardrive and want to get your fully set up OS 9 system back after the reformat, here's how. First back up the folder named "System Folder" that contains the OS 9 installation you'd like to save. After you have finished installing OS X, just drop the System Folder back onto the hard drive and restart to recover your old installation. OS 9 should work flawlessly after the restart.

[Editor's note: I haven't tested this hint myself, but it makes sense given that OS 9 installations could be copied via drag and drop. I've also used this method to put my "optimized" Classic folder on various OS X hard drives; just drag and drop, and then reboot on the other drive and fire up Classic. Of course, if you're going to reformat a drive, you should be running a full backup of your drive using one of the available backup programs!]
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You might have to...
Authored by: rael9 on Dec 12, '02 03:50:34PM

You might want to rebuild the desktop in Classic after you have done this, though. I have noticed that that seems to solve some oddities after copying a System folder.

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Restored from a different machine
Authored by: tomsinclair on Dec 13, '02 01:04:22AM

I accidentally nuked my System Folder updating my TiBook to Jaguar.
On a hunch, I connected to my G4 tower and copied in the System Folder
across the network.

Worked great!

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Another Way
Authored by: jasenko on Dec 12, '02 07:07:09PM

I find another way to keep classic retaining clean computer. How? I created 250 MB image disk (.dmg) and installed 9.2 on it. When I need classic I just mount that image and have the full functionality. All other times it's tucked away nicely in a single file.

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Another Way
Authored by: balthisar on Dec 13, '02 06:05:11AM

And if you're running Jaguar, you don't even need to manually mount the image -- starting Classic will do that for you automatically.

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Authored by: abkennedy on Dec 12, '02 09:34:06PM

Why is this "new"? We've always been able to copy System Folders in previous OS's... How else would one want to "restore" a System Folder?

Surely OSX is not so entrenched that a new generation of user exists who have never dealt with System 7, or 8, or 9?

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Authored by: FACEMILK on Dec 13, '02 09:08:20AM

uhhm... I'm not normally one to -itch but HELLO? This is the most obvious and practially the defining "magic" feature of the first Mac OS back in 1984. Drag and drop?! Holy crap that's amazing!

Otherwise... sure - it works - cool.

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Authored by: Gabriel on Dec 13, '02 10:11:51AM

Its one thing to point out that this has been a feature for awhile, but the sarcastic attitude in your post is uncalled for. It doesn't help anyone to point out that something is obvious. I am sick of the sheer arrogance of some mac people.

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New users...
Authored by: robg on Dec 15, '02 09:19:10AM

There are actually quite a few people here that haven't been using Macs since 1984. There are probably a lot of them that have only been using it since OS X came out ... and OS X is NOT a drag-and-drop backup system. Hence, they probably wouldn't think to try it with the Classic folder.

Remember the mantra of the site -- if it's potentially useful to someone, I'll probably publish it. If it's too simple for you, then just skip it. If it's too complex for you, then just skip it. But if it's not published, then that one person that could benefit from the knowledge won't be able to.


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Authored by: FACEMILK on May 01, '04 06:50:02AM

Damn, I can't believe I said that. I must have been real pissed at something. Sorry.

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