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More info about remote wake and sleep System
In addition to a previous hint, here's some more info on remotely waking and sleeping your Mac.

You should check the "wake up on administrative network access" in the Energy-Saver-PrefPane

Waking up:
There are several utilities for waking up computers over the LAN. A cross-platform utility is WakeOnLAN.You'll need the MAC-address of the computer you want to wake up:
 % wakeonlan XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
To get the MAC-address, ssh into your OS X machine or start the Terminal and
 % ifconfig -a
Every network interface is listed, the ethernet-interfaces (en0) are listed with ip-address and MAC-address.

Putting it into sleep:
There is a command-line-utility called SleepNow. Download it and put the application SleepNow into a place where you can find it later. Log into your remote OSX computer and:
 % cd [the/path/to/SleepNow]
% ./SleepNow
The remote machine should sleep now.

[Editor's note: I tried waking our iBook via Airport using these methods (in both this and the previous hint), but had no luck. I'll try later using a hardwired ethernet connection as this would be quite useful to me, as I mentioned in the earlier hint's comments.]
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No Wake checkbox
Authored by: kerim on Jun 17, '02 10:41:08AM

Note that some older macs don't even have this checkbox enabled (as on my wife's PB G3 Wallstreet).

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No Wake checkbox
Authored by: michaelrmills on Oct 23, '04 04:02:07AM

Have you found any work arounds for waking a computer without the Network Administrator option?

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Authored by: robg on Jun 17, '02 03:41:27PM

Thanks to Cameron for pointing out to me (via email) that the reason I could not wake the PowerBook was due to the AirPort card -- when in sleep mode, it's completely disabled to reduce power draw...


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Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 17, '02 08:13:48PM

Or, more specifically, it doesn't have a wake on LAN facility, which only your Ethernet chipset does.

Apple should really change the wording of that feature in Energy Saver prefs to make it clear that that facility only applies to Built-in Ethernet (and perhaps other Ethernet cards).

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Can this be sent from outside a router?
Authored by: mithras on Jun 17, '02 06:09:57PM
Like many people, I have a small home LAN behind a cable modem and home router that does NAT. I'm googling now to try to figure out whether the 'magic packet' can be sent from the internet at large. I've seen one indication that it can be done by setting up a static routing, for which I see an option on my router config page. Does anyone know how to set it up? Incidentally, from the previous hint I found this great page: which will send the appropriate 'magic packet' from an easy web interface. My only gripe is that the form is a POST, not a GET, so you can't just make one URL to do everything.

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Can this be sent from outside a router?
Authored by: benfsmith on Jun 17, '03 06:44:21PM

I just used it successfully from out of state. I ssh'd into the server on the LAN of the computer I wanted to wake. I scp'd the app to the server and installed it there. I then used it to wake the target computer. Fortunately, I was able to get the MAC address via my router admin app, which has an HTML gui you can use remotely.

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Can this be sent from outside a router?
Authored by: digitalone on Jun 18, '03 03:12:57AM

Wake550 is a great app, it makes a finder service and works well. Note that you have to set the IP as a broadcast address ( and the subnet as I have not gotten the DSL reports wake on lan to work, whether behind a router/firewall or not. I admit to not having played that much with it though.


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Use UDP protocol, forwarding port 9
Authored by: the_doug on Nov 12, '03 04:04:47PM

After updating the firmware on my Linksys router, the port forwarding page now lets me select "Protocol UDP".

I had success forwarding port 9 to the IP address of the machine I wanted to wake and setting UDP to on (and clicking the "enable" check box). Then, using Wake550 with the WAN's IP address and my target machine's ethernet address from Network System Prefs, I was able to wake it remotely through the router.

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OT: Sleepin' Problems
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 17, '02 10:53:25PM

Whenever I use SleepNow, or whenever I use the 'Sleep' function as triggered by a programmed keystroke (via QuicKeys), my machine wakes back up instantly. However, it'll go to sleep if I choose 'Sleep' off the menu. Any idea why?

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Po'Mans Energy Saver
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 17, '02 11:09:08PM

I downloaded wakeonlan and sleepnow over a month ago and never got around to installing them and working through them. This article gave me the impetus to get it all going. Its now working great with G4 and iBook.

My intention was to write a cron script to fire off the wakeonlan from the iBook every morning to wake up my main machine G4. One of the things I miss most in my everyday routine using OS X is my morning routine of drinking my coffee while perusing all the Mac news pages that had been pre-loaded via applescripts, etc. The missing component of course was the "wake" factor - I prefer not to leave my G4 on all the time as it generates a fair amount of heat and in general I don't want to waste the electricity. I don't mind leaving the iBook on though as it probably draws much less current and definitely generates less heat.

What I am getting at is that if you have two machines - it might be possible to achieve the above "morning coffee" routine again - using a few simple scripts and the iBook as one expensive alarm clock.

Shame on Apple for not getting us the energy save we have used for years and come accustomed let us down....IMHO....

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where to put them
Authored by: pyrohotdog on Jul 27, '02 04:18:44AM

if you just put SleepNow and Wakeonlan in the /bin folder. Then all you have to type is "SleepNow" or "wakeonlan"...............

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where to put them
Authored by: digitalone on Jun 18, '03 03:24:25AM

But better, instead of installing them in bin, you can edit you PATH in your .tcsh file (hidden in your home directory) by following these commands:

set zpath = ($path) <--takes the current value of path
set npath = (/usr/local/bin) <--the new path addition
set path = ($zpath $npath) <--the old path and the new path in happy harmony

/usr/local/bin is the default directory user installed binaries on *NIX machines. /bin is for protected binaries commonly used for the system. It's not a great idea to make changes to this directory, by policy.

Anyways, this will make it easier when you are installing *NIX binaries.


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where to put them
Authored by: LC on Nov 26, '03 05:27:54PM

Installing symlinks under the system bin directory (or /usr/local/bin) is good too;

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successfull with airport
Authored by: geraldo on Oct 11, '02 03:17:11PM

to wake my G4 from my Ti550 over Airport, i was successfull with wake 550 using the broadcast ip (as mentioned) = and doing a portmapping of port 9 (=wake-on-lan) to the static address of the G4 in the range of (to be used for portmapping as stated in the apple guides for airport-networks)

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waking from cron
Authored by: sjmills on Oct 02, '03 10:09:24AM

I installed the wakeonlan perl script, did chmod +x on it, and rehash'd. I then added entries into my crontab (on the G5 that's always awake) to wake the 2 G4s in the house 10 minutes before the daily job runs. It looks like they didn't wake up, because the date on daily.log is still last month. Here's my entry in crontab:

5 3 * * * wakeonlan xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy

This works if I enter it manually on the command line. Any ideas? I have other cron tasks that I know have run and are entered in much the same way.

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waking from cron
Authored by: sjmills on Oct 02, '03 10:32:17AM

Arg. Never mind. Seems that cron doesn't know about ~/bin. Does that seem strange?

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cron don't know ~
Authored by: kfaulhaber on Oct 02, '03 10:18:02PM

Unless you installed it in your own username's crontab, cron runs the task as root, and ~/bin would be root's ~/bin. You should use the absolute /path/to/whatever in cron.

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