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Sending email from different addresses in Apps
If you ever want to send email through one POP account, but with different sender info, there's a trick to doing so with An example of this would be Yahoo! services, which allow one to have several public "personalities", each of which dump email to just one email address. In order to respond as the proper personality, you need to pick a different "from" address, even though you have only one POP account.

In, in the Account edit screen, you can enter multiple email addresses on the 'Email Address:' line. Separate each with a comma, and then save your changes. When you compose a new email from that account, you'll see a little pop-up for selecting which address you would like to use as the sender of the email. Very slick trick, and easier than creating an entirely new account.

You can't change the physical name, though - only the email address. If you need a different physical name, you'll have to set up different accounts.
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Different mail addresses
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 02, '01 10:25:35AM

You My friend have solved a HUGE Problem for me.

Thank you!

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different mail addresses, caveat
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 09:04:11AM

this is a good hint as long as your primary address also sorts first in alphabetical order. otherwise you will ALWAYS have to go to the pull down to switch your "From:" address.

thanks for the hint though.

cheers, alex

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different mail addresses, caveat
Authored by: Anonymous on Apr 03, '01 10:10:00PM

Actually, in the Mail Prefs dialog, with the accounts page selected, you see a list of accounts. You can drag the accounts up and down to reorder them. Whatever order you set there is the order they show up in on the pop-up menu.

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A nice related feature.
Authored by: nonhuman on Apr 16, '01 06:12:12PM

If you have set up multiple email addresses, when you reply to a message automatically selects the one that the original message was updated.

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Other addresses
Authored by: Anonymous on May 08, '01 01:44:45PM

I had it working in 10.0.1. Worked great! I'm not getting it to work under 10.0.2. Does anyone have an idea? Where's the Love,Apple?
Any Ideas?

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Seems fine...
Authored by: robg on May 10, '01 01:12:57AM

I just added another name to my primary account in the "email" field, and it showed up as a new name in the pop-down listing.

Also, hopefully the person who submitted the anonymous question to me about using multiple accounts in (you know who you are! ;-) will now see this hint ... which brings up a general comment - if you would like a reply and don't want to log in, please include your email address in your submission, otherwise there's no way I can contact you!


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Works great in Jaguar...
Authored by: joshuajabbour on Mar 25, '03 12:43:17PM

Just a note that this hint still works great in Jaguar (10.2.4 here).

The previous poster's note about the default address is incorrect, whichever address you have listed first will be the default, and all the others are not sorted alphabetically. Here's how it works:

In Preferences>Accounts, choose your default email account, and then click "Edit". In the "Email Address" field, simply enter multiple addresses separated by commas, and the first address in your list will be the default address when you compose new messages. Replying-to a message will choose whichever account received the message.

Example: Enter in the Email Address field:,,,

When you compose a new message, the default will be If you reply to a message received by, then that address will be selected by default. You can always change which address is used for sending using the "Account" popup menu in the Message Composition window.

This is especially handy is you own your own domain, and have all mail to multiple addresses forwarded to one account. You can send messages from "multiple accounts" while still having only one set up in Mail.

The reason I am posting this reply is that I was unaware of this hint, and had actually been suggested to set up multiple sending accounts separately via Preferences>Add Accounts, and only filling in the sending information (leaving receiving info blank). The above hint works many times better, and will not cause problems like the old way could.

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Alternative solution in Panther ( v1.3.11)
Authored by: jbreazeale on May 20, '05 11:21:32PM

I didn't know about this hint until just now. I was able to achieve a similar result by setting up multiple accounts. My wife has only one real e-mail account but has a couple personalities (roles) for cases where the e-mail is being sent to a particular audience. will not accept the same Incoming Mail Server (IMS), so I initially set the IMS in the preferences so a unique/bogus name that was unique per role. This was pretty good but sometimes incoming messages were received in triplicate (real account plus two roles). I changed the User Name in the preferences so each of those was also unique. After this all incoming mail was received without duplicates.

Here's the above in an example. Assuming the main mail account is based on a IMS/User Name of joel/ then the my initial set of roles were based upon joel1/ and joel/ This created duplicates, so I settled upon using IMS/User Names of joel1/ and joel2/

When messages are composed a drawdown list is presented so the correct account can be chosen.

I haven't tried the command-delimited list suggestion, so I don't know if this is the better of the two. I'll try out the alternative and will let you know. The alternative does seem to be less of a hack.

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Alternative solution in Panther ( v1.3.11)
Authored by: jbreazeale on May 20, '05 11:28:19PM

I tried the alternative. It's definately less of a hack. My alternative may provide the advantage of giving the user the ability to vary the outgoing full name text.

[I should also reiterate that the personality accounts I mentioned earlier also had e-mail checking turned off.]

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A unique full name for each address
Authored by: shmuel on Feb 02, '07 03:56:12AM
Check this article for informatio on how to add a unique full name for each email address as well:

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