Use command line editing keys in Cocoa apps

Mar 30, '01 08:26:59PM

Contributed by: Anonymous

Ok, here's one for all the UNIX geeks!

All Cocoa apps respond to familiar commandline controls. This is what I mean, go into a Cocoa application (Omniweb, TextEdit, anything that is not Carbon or Classic) and click on any text field.

Type some random stuff, then press CTRL-A, it will bring the cursor to the beginning of that line, which is a common control in UNIX command lines. [Note: CTRL = the control key]

Read the rest of the article if you'd like to learn a number of other keyboard shortcuts for text editing in Cocoa apps.

[Editor's note: This isn't really just for UNIX geeks. How many times have you wanted a quick way to navigate around a text box without using the mouse?! Learn a few of these shortcuts, and free yourself from the mouse!]

New things:

Stuff you can already do with other keys:

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