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Dec 17, '00 07:51:05PM

Contributed by: Anonymous

[Editor's note: I've revised the below hint to reflect the really easy way to place URL's in the dock (as described in the comments), but I've left the contributed hint in the body for context and the truly adventurous!]

Ever wonder how to put a URL in the dock, like Apple's Mac OS X Feedback URL? Here's the easy way - drag them to the right side of the dock from any of the OS X browsers. Read the rest of the message for a method of creating them with an editor.

Here's how to make a custom one:

  1. Use PList (or the terminal) and go to com.apple.dock.
  2. Find the "persistent-others"
  3. Go into the 0 item and "tile-data"
  4. You'll see label and url. Change the label to whatever, then change the URL's _CFURLString to the URL you want.
You'll need to KILL the dock for these changes to take effect... but when you relaunch the dock (move your cursor to the bottom of the screen), you'll have a URL link in your Dock!

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