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Cool jEdit/RBrowser/OS X feature Apps
This morning, I was editing some of the site files in jEdit, and transferring them to and from the server using RBrowser (both jEdit and RBrowser are described in articles elsewhere on this site). At one point, I needed a version of a file from the server which was newer than the version I had open in jEdit.

I had RBrowser download the file to my editing directory, and then I returned to jEdit. When the RBrowser download completed, I received the following message within jEdit:

I'm not sure if this is a native feature of OS X (doubtful) or something that is written into jEdit (probably), but whichever it is, it's very cool and useful! No longer will I edit and save a file, only to then remember that I had downloaded a newer version sometime earlier.
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RBrowser feature
Authored by: sven on Dec 18, '00 05:36:21AM

Did you know that you don't have to copy the files to your local disk? The greatest feature of
RBrowser is that it opens remote files with local applications. For example you
can double click a source code file on a server and it will open with project builder (or
whatever is associated with the file type). This is transparent for the application. You can edit
and save (!) from the application and RBrowser will upload it again in the background
without further user intervention.


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RBrowser feature
Authored by: robg on Dec 18, '00 08:59:34AM

I use that feature all the time ... except when I want to work on files that are active on the
server and I'm not sure how long my edits are going to take. For example, when I'm trying to
work through some large-scale changes that I haven't completely figured out yet. In those
cases, I'll make a few edits and save the changed file in a non-functional state, knowing that
I'll be coming back to it sometime later to finish. I (obviously) don't want the changed file
saved back to the host until it works again. That was the situation that led me to the updated
files discovery.

RBrowser is a very slick piece of software, and when used with jEdit, they make a very
impressive package.

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RBrowser feature
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 20, '00 12:24:06PM

Yah, this is a great feature... I used this immensely with Anarchie & BBEdit.
My only gripe is RBrowser still only scans Carbon or Cocoa apps.
Does anyone know how to override these settings? I'm dying to have RBrowser auto-launch
BBEdit in Classic!

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jEdit feature
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 20, '00 12:02:00AM

This is a jEdit feature. Also, I am not familiar with RBrowser, but I assume it is an FTP client, right?
Well, jEdit has FTP support as well (in jEdit 3.0, it has been moved to a separate 'plugin' to reduce
'bloat', but it behaves in the same way). Just click the 'more' menu button in the 'Open' dialog box.
A menu will appear; select 'Connect to FTP server...' from the menu. The rest is obvious.

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jEdit feature
Authored by: robg on Dec 20, '00 01:12:25AM

I'll give it a shot - the main problem I have is that my ISP times out FTP connections every
three minutes if you're not active. So if I'm editing locally, then the FTP has to go through a
reconnect if I take too long. RBrowser can use SSH and SCP to make the connections and
file transfers, and I can have an SSH connection open all day. But I'll definitely give the FTP
piece of jEdit a look-see!

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