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How to make Aqua-esque buttons Desktop
So you want to get in on the latest Aqua craze and liquify your life? There are a few ways to create Aqua buttons, ranging from hard but rewarding (Photoshop files from scratch) to somewhat easier (copy/edit an existing Apple button). However, this is by far the easiest way I've found to do it.

A Japanese author, whose home page only hints at what his/her name might be ("Hide's Room"?), has developed Liquid Buttons. The button in this posting was created in about 10 seconds in Liquid Buttons.

You can download the program from "hshioura's" page on and try it out for yourself.

The biggest problem with the program (for us English speakers!) is that it's in Japanese, and you'll either get gibberish or Japanese text in the dialogs and menus. However, it's very simple to use, and trial and error will quickly lead you to the right way to create and save your buttons. A quick hint to get you started: design the words and colors you want, click the lower-left button, and then click the lower-right button to save your work.

Quite fun! If anyone knows more about the author, I'd love to provide more details...
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Liquid button maker
Authored by: Anonymous on Dec 16, '00 04:05:28PM

THANK YOU! Thank you for finding this little app. I only have Photoshop 5.0 right now, so I
couldn't pull off the Aqua buttons in it, and hacking up an Apple site button didn't yield the
results I wanted (I didn't want the ribbed background). This is a cool app, even though all I
see is gibberish for text.

Here's another tip: that menu near the bottom lets you change the color of the button! You
can have Graphite buttons or Indigo buttons or Strawberry buttons or whatever. Cool!

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Liquid button maker
Authored by: lexchis on Apr 02, '03 07:28:31PM

the site containing the button editor has gone away! basically, i was just wondering if there was any way to change the system max/min/close buttons to some color scheme other than the standard traffic light or graphite choices....?

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Authored by: ThreeDayMonk on Oct 24, '03 05:53:24AM

The URL in the hint doesn't work any more. However, I managed to track it down with Google (hint: type the filename you're looking for, in this case "lbm130b1.sit.hqx").

New download link for Liquid Button Maker.

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How to make Aqua-esque buttons
Authored by: doku on Oct 24, '03 07:02:27AM
I haven't seen the application yet, but I know of a really good dynamic aqua button generator made in php, Marc has also made a demo available online to make your own buttons. Demo and link to source found here.

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