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On a scale of 0 (least) to 10 (most), how useful is the Finder's customizable Toolbar (the top portion of each Finder window)?

1/1: On a scale of 0 (least) to 10 (most), how useful is the Finder's customizable Toolbar (the top portion of each Finder window)?

10 - Very useful 140 (9.58%)
9 75 (5.13%)
8 191 (13.07%)
7 246 (16.84%)
6 152 (10.40%)
5 - Undecided 167 (11.43%)
4 84 (5.75%)
3 110 (7.53%)
2 112 (7.67%)
1 58 (3.97%)
0 - Not useful at all 126 (8.62%)
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On a scale of 0 (least) to 10 (most), how useful is the Finder's customizable Toolbar (the top portion of each Finder window)? | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: wsdr on Mar 01, '05 08:59:42AM

I'm not really sure I understand the point behind this question. Is it that there shouldn't be a toolbar, or that it should have better tools, or that it should be better presented? Anyway, I find the placement of the "Search" tool at the top of each Finder window to be most useful, especially the search "Selection" option.

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Search most helpful
Authored by: robg on Mar 01, '05 09:29:10AM

In particular, I meant the ability of the toolbar to hold files, folders, and documents, as well as some of the other Apple-provided tools...

I added one word ('customizable') to the question; hopefully that helps a bit.


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Not useful for me but...
Authored by: David on Mar 01, '05 09:36:31AM

For new users I've found it really helps them to have all those options where they can easily find them.

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I voted: Undecided
Authored by: yellow on Mar 01, '05 04:36:48PM

Initially, I used it a lot and every Panther box I configured, I changed the toolbar to meet me requirements, but I find that I use this less and less, and now I'm not convinced that it's all that useful at all. However, having the OPTION to do so is very nice, and that alone should really rate it above a 5/undecided.

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Inconsistent Interface
Authored by: EatingPie on Mar 01, '05 06:25:04PM

The inconsistent Finder interface is just terrible. The toolbar adds to this inconsistency, making more than just useless... it's annoying.

You open a window, it's metal.

Click a button, it's not metal.

Open a sub-window, it's metal.


Note that other apps allow you to simply show/hide the toolbar and they stay in the state you last left them in. And showing/hiding the toolbar doesn't TOTALLY CHANGE THE LOOK -- and behaviour -- of the window.

Sorry, I'm a die hard Mac fan, but the OSX finder is rough and tumble at best.



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8/10, I have 2 apps in it
Authored by: mrdeep on Mar 01, '05 08:09:35PM
Here's my toolbar.

It's the default (i think) + 2 programs.

The first one is a stripped down version of Open Terminal Here, I stripped it down so that it would just open a terminal window without resizing it.

The second one is a little applescript to upload selected files to my website, and put urls to the files in my clipboard, specifically, I use it for images, and it uploads them to the images directory of my website. I considered also adding some sort of automatic compression / resizing stuff to it, but I concluded that it would be better to just use an Preview or Graphics Converter to do that because of the variety of size / desired quality of images I generally deal with. (Note that the icon makes sense to me as it would upload to my CS account at RPI

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8/10, I have 2 apps in it
Authored by: klawton on Mar 02, '05 05:06:58PM

Cool. I didn't even know you could do that. It took me a minute to figure out how (trying to drag something from the Dock doesn't work and you have to wait a second before the (+) shows up when dragging an app from the Finder). I can see why an applescript that acts on a file or directory would be well suited for placement there. On the other hand, you could always drag the current directory or file down to the dock, so it's not strictly necessary...

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8/10, I have 2 apps in it
Authored by: taxi on Mar 10, '05 11:06:24PM

I didn't know about this before. I use Open Terminal Here (the Contextual Menu version, not sure where I got if from), but I like the idea of a button in the Finder window.

And I have a few ideas of what I might be able to make to extend this idea - upload files to a server, create an archive, things that I do semi-regularly but usually have to open a terminal for...

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the real question
Authored by: Saint on Mar 02, '05 12:07:50AM

how useful is the sidebar?
sure, i use it, but the thing is stupid.
i want it to be a miniature column view with the main window being the icon view of the final folder. this way i can navigate anywhere/everywhere from within one window when needed.
Yes, i can do this somewhat now, but i am forced to sacrifice my current window and i cannot have immediate access back to it.
I've argued this with a friend before and he has numerous reasons i'm stupid, can you list them all?

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the real question
Authored by: robg on Mar 02, '05 07:55:55AM

Stop jumping ahead -- I was planning on asking about the sidebar in the next poll, so stay tuned! :)


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9/10: Use for drag and drop apps, Favorites
Authored by: Bookman on Mar 08, '05 02:36:23PM

The apps I keep in my Finder toolbar are those that I find I want to drop things on--Stuffit Dropstuff, TextEdit, Adobe Reader, Toast, Favorites folder (thanks, Apple, for making the Finder intelligent again about things dropped on the Favorites folder!). I prefer to list locations (volumes, folders) in the sidebar rather than apps. Of course one can argue whether it's better to keep any of these things in the Dock, the sidebar or toolbar of the Finder, or in a third party app like DragThing.

A couple stars off for the somewhat kludgy implementation. It almost looks like the design team forgot they were supposed to PREVENT people from dropping things on the toolbar. The brushed metal design doesn't lend itself to those 2-D icons being laid on top.

2ยข -- Books.

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Never use it
Authored by: myrkr on Mar 08, '05 04:06:30PM

I'm a fan of the tool bar in every other app. I prefer the old 10.1 ... 10.2 tool bar. I like the normal window type scheme, not the brushed metal.

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Down with Brushed Metal!
Authored by: duffster on Mar 09, '05 01:43:21PM

I'd more or less forgotten that "brushed metal" was even used in the Finder until looking at a posted snapshot!

It removed the metal from Safari and the Finder long ago. iTunes is the only place I really see it regularly anymore.

Here are some resources:

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It's cusomisable?
Authored by: a1291762 on Mar 09, '05 05:44:34PM

Seriously, I had forgotten that. I think I changed the default buttons but I haven't changed them since.

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It's cusomisable?
Authored by: larryr3455 on Mar 09, '05 06:41:27PM

I thank OSX Hints for reminding me that this even exists. I just added all kinds of things to the Finder toolbar. It helps a ton.

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The issue(problem?)
Authored by: rasp on Mar 17, '05 12:00:21PM

Apple, to me, has done a very poor job of documenting the features of finder and everything else. Some of the hints here (I love this site, I've learned alot) should not be necessary. I don't have an answer for the happy medium between the docs I've found from apple and having too much so as to scare new users.

Am I just not looking in the right spots? But when a hint shows up telling me that I can hold down option when launching iPhoto to change the location of the library, that points to a documentation issue to me.

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