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Tiger (OS X 10.4) is expected to ship on or before June 30th. How soon after it's available will you upgrade?

1/1: Tiger (OS X 10.4) is expected to ship on or before June 30th. How soon after it's available will you upgrade?

The day it's available 971 (34.44%)
Within a week 461 (16.35%)
Within two weeks 183 (6.49%)
Within a month 369 (13.09%)
Within three months 219 (7.77%)
Before the end of 2005 228 (8.09%)
Sometime in 2006 55 (1.95%)
When I buy my next Mac 303 (10.75%)
Never 30 (1.06%)
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Tiger (OS X 10.4) is expected to ship on or before June 30th. How soon after it's available will you upgrade? | 16 comments | Create New Account
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Within the week
Authored by: Jwink3101 on Mar 31, '05 12:56:12PM

I do not know about anyone else but i will be buying it ASAP but i will wait until i can devote an entire day to the upgrade and subsequent playing (plus, i heard it take a long time for spotlight to index all of it.)

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when ready
Authored by: sjk on Mar 31, '05 01:18:54PM

Like with every major release, I'll upgrade to Tiger when a combination of these is true:

• Apps I currently rely on are verified by developers and/or reputable users to be compatible
• App(s) I'll want to use will only run on 10.4
• When I have enough time

Very likely that'll happen sooner than how long I waited to upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3, and definitely less time than between 10.1 and 10.2 (my "why the &#$ did I wait this long?!" upgrade).

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Waiting to see if G3's & 16 MB video cards will be left behind.
Authored by: macmath on Mar 31, '05 04:23:18PM

I'll (anxiously) wait until I see here how it runs on G3's and the latest CRT iMacs (where the video cards had just 16 MB of RAM). I'm thinking that I'll likely have to wait for my next Mac to run Tiger.

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Upgrade plan
Authored by: thelamecamel on Mar 31, '05 08:55:41PM

Shortly after 10.4 comes out, I'll upgrade to 10.3, for probably about $20 on ebay. Last year's technology for less that 10% of the retail price, and it's legal. 10.4 will wait till 10.5, or until i get a new computer.

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When 10.4.1 is released
Authored by: Han Solo on Mar 31, '05 09:37:57PM
...or maybe 10.4.2! In the meantime, I'll keep an eye on the reports of "early adopters" that roll in to this site.

So let's see: if 10.4.0 is released in April, I expect I will have upgraded by the end of June -- "Within three months." ;)

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a month (or more?)
Authored by: yellow on Apr 01, '05 06:16:06AM

Normally I'd get it and install the day it appeared. But my uni has a site license that makes it VERY inexpensive to put on campus Macs. It'll probably be a while before they get the media.. But saving $100 is worth it to me.

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a month (or more?)
Authored by: momerath on Apr 04, '05 03:07:21AM

Ours (Texas A&M) has such a deal only with microsoft :( .

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Authored by: Shawn Parr on Apr 01, '05 03:40:25PM

At least on a test machine. I run a couple of labs, and a couple of studios. When Apple gets me my AMP copies I will test on a couple of configurations and see what, if anything breaks. If all goes well, large scale deployment will happen at the nearest semester break (2 semesters over summer, so that gives a lot of possible breaks).

Of course at home I may have to wait for Digidesign to upgrade Protools

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End of 2005
Authored by: Michaelangelo on Apr 02, '05 09:53:32PM

I expect I'll wait until the end of the year at least. (Maybe for Christmas.) Regardless of how much work goes into these things before release they never seem to be tuned up until x.x.2 or x.x.3 Let everyone else work out the kinks and when things seem to run smoothly ...


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Best of both
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Apr 05, '05 01:20:01AM

For those who wisely believe it's best to wait to try 10.4, but don't really want to wait, you can have the best of both worlds: if your Mac can hold a second hard drive, install one, or if it can't, back up your single hard drive and partition it into two volumes, restore your backup to the first volume, and install 10.4 onto the second drive/volume. If 10.4 causes you too much trouble, etc., just reboot from your pre-10.4 volume, and wait until the 10.4 bugfixes start appearing before you try it again.

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Best of both
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Apr 08, '05 01:26:28PM

a partition on an external firewire hard drive is also a nice and simple option. i did it when 10.3 came out.

...or even on an iPod, although it would wear out the hard drive if you use it too much! (i wouldnt recommend it!)

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Authored by: Wayne_S on Apr 15, '05 01:59:37PM

I preordered my copy (actually I ordered the family pack so I won't feel guilty about buying one set to update 2 machines) from Amazon and got a nice rebate coupon ($35 for single install, $50 for family pack). That makes my price $149 for the family pack, meaning my second copy essentially cost $20.

Every rule has an exception. Especially this one.

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Add another category to ballot
Authored by: snaab on Apr 15, '05 02:51:05PM

The category that is missing is "I've already pre-ordered"

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Add another category to ballot
Authored by: inemo on Apr 19, '05 10:36:24AM

I preordered about 10 minutes after I found out. U gotta love education discounts though :)

£51 education, about £89 normal I think.


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Still on 10.2.8
Authored by: ThePeterFiles on Apr 16, '05 12:25:25AM
I said "When I get a new Mac", but as I think about it, I may move when a good price on eBay shows up. In the mean time, prices for Panther should crash once Tiger is out. Yes!

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    Maybe 2 weeks with student discount
    Authored by: juz10mac on Apr 21, '05 07:51:27AM

    I voted that I would get it within a week, but I've had a little change of schedule. It is close enough to my birthday, so I'll probably just wait a couple of weeks and ask for it as a gift. By the way, if Tiger is anything like panther you might qualify for an Apple student discount. I know I do! I saved about $60 on panther this way. Here is the URL for my school's apple store:

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