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Which of the following 'new and/or greatly improved' 10.4 applications is your favorite?

1/1: Which of the following 'new and/or greatly improved' 10.4 applications is your favorite?

Address Book 62 (2.02%)
AppleScript Editor 20 (0.65%)
Automator 205 (6.69%)
Dictionary 373 (12.18%)
DVD Player 57 (1.86%)
Finder 135 (4.41%)
Font Book 27 (0.88%)
Grapher 79 (2.58%)
iCal 42 (1.37%)
iChat AV 127 (4.15%)
Image Capture 16 (0.52%)
Keychain Access 88 (2.87%)
Mail 632 (20.63%)
Preview 180 (5.88%)
Safari 566 (18.48%)
TextEdit 36 (1.18%)
Xcode 206 (6.73%)
Other 212 (6.92%)
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Which of the following 'new and/or greatly improved' 10.4 applications is your favorite? | 17 comments | Create New Account
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Apps, not technologies...
Authored by: robg on Sep 14, '05 10:30:14AM

I intentionally left out Spotlight, Dashboard, QuickTime 7, core audio, etc., as I don't really consider these applications -- they're more like core technologies (though clearly, QuickTime Player is an application, but I left it lumped in with QuickTime7).

A future poll will separately cover these new and improved technologies...


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Authored by: darrell on Sep 14, '05 12:47:19PM

Dictionary is so handy.
In Safari just highlight the word you want looked up, right click, then Look Up in Dictionary. But i don't use Safari often. Perhaps this feature will show up in Firefox.

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Authored by: area51 on Sep 22, '05 04:23:58AM

Even better: try control-apple-D and hovering the cursor over a word...

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Authored by: pepi on Oct 09, '05 04:15:27AM

There is an even faster way to get to your dictionary.

Point your mouse to the word you want to look up. No need to click or highlight or select, just point there. Then press Command-Control-D and wait a second. This works in every Cocoa Application and quite some Carbon based apps as well. you can even switch between dictionary and thesaurus in the results-floating-info-thingie.

A drawback is that you can only select text from within that thingie, but not copy it, just like from the dictionary dashboard widget. I personally think this is ridiculous. Maybe its fixed in a future update.

Regards Pepi

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other apps
Authored by: jacobolus on Sep 14, '05 04:45:44PM

Textedit? Got some nice changes

Quartz Composer? Pretty fun and spiffy

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other apps
Authored by: robg on Sep 15, '05 10:09:00AM

TextEdit I missed -- it's now been added; thanks for the catch.

Quartz Composer I left out as it's part of the Developer Tools (Xcode), which already have an entry. I didn't want to have to go into each of the programs in the dev tools, since there are a number of nifty ones. Perhaps a good subject for a future poll!


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Goodbye, It's been fun.
Authored by: duffster on Sep 14, '05 06:46:06PM

I love the Cocoa dictionary.

I got this hint from MacWorld: hold the cursor over any word in a Cocoa App (like Safari), and press Control+Command+D.

For those who iChat (or Adium) with large-vocab people, this is excellent. It's also great if you think you know what you're saying, but want to make certain.

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Goodbye, It's been fun.
Authored by: odinsdad on Nov 01, '05 01:46:51PM

Here is something that I think is pretty darn handy... I use the Logitech Corless Mouse (Cordless Mouseman Optical) and have the logitech control panel loaded. I have programmed (Assigned) the Wheelbutton to Command Control D. Now when I Wheel click on any word on a safari web page or in my email I get a pop up definition of that word without the awkward keystoke.


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Authored by: bedouin on Sep 15, '05 12:10:45PM

For the RSS integration alone. RSS makes reading daily news sites so much easier, and Apple's implementation is so much better than any other browser's, on OS X, Windows, or Linux.

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Authored by: spikeb on Oct 03, '05 12:06:24AM

Heh. Aside from the RSS bit, Safari 2.x is the biggest pile of crap that comes with Tiger, especially compared to 1.2.x

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Authored by: sjk on Oct 03, '05 06:58:50PM

And the point of that post is to inform us of ... what?

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Keychain Access
Authored by: n8gray on Sep 15, '05 02:41:40PM

Between Panther and Tiger, Keychain Access went from being almost unusable to pretty decent. I can't think of any other app that made that kind of improvement.

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Search Keychain
Authored by: dave1212 on Sep 20, '05 08:17:26AM

The search field in Keychain Access is a must-have, and I'm pretty sure that's new to Tiger.

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Are you serious?
Authored by: lullabud on Sep 22, '05 01:25:43PM

There's a search in keychain?? Oh wow, that'll help out next time I have to go digging around for x509 certs for 802.1x authentication servers. Looking through that list line by line severly sucked, and the sort by date didn't work the way I expected it to!

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Authored by: thornrag on Oct 06, '05 03:24:14PM

The one thing for which I'm grateful with the most regularity is the new dock menu for Stickies, which is no longer a mile high and dog slow when you have more than half a dozen notes. Second to that is Keychain Access, which is suddenly useful. And as ugly as Mail continues to be, it doesn't bug me nearly as much as the previous version with bogus error messages.

But my favorite is still Stickies.

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Authored by: rspress on Oct 09, '05 10:55:44PM

Automator is my hands down favorite application in Tiger! This program has saved my so much time and saved my from doing the tedious stupid jobs I used to hate. One of the first Automator actions I wrote was to save a graphic file as JPEG. I did this so much before automator I started using ImageMajick in the terminal to save time.

Automator just keeps getting better all time as more applications add support for it. Transmit and StuffIt are two that just added support and now I can right-click to send a file to my website via FTP or encrypt a StuffIt file without having to change the preferences in magic menu and then changing them back after I am done. I would also have to add dashboard to my list as well. It replaces Konfabulator and is much easier to program in. I use it all the time but not for eye candy.

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Active Directory plug-in
Authored by: yellow on Oct 14, '05 06:24:08AM

<-- Other

I really like the improved AD plug-in.

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