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What are your plans regarding recordable DVD drives?

1/1: What are your plans regarding recordable DVD drives?

Have an Apple SuperDrive Mac already 790 (36.88%)
Have a third-party internal drive already 72 (3.36%)
Have a third-party external drive already 56 (2.61%)
My next Mac will have an Apple SuperDrive 508 (23.72%)
My next Mac will have a third-party drive 10 (0.47%)
Will buy an internal/external drive within six months 99 (4.62%)
Will buy an internal/external drive within a year 127 (5.93%)
Have no plans to enter the recordable DVD world 169 (7.89%)
Plan on waiting at least a year before deciding 147 (6.86%)
Do not plan on buying a DVD burner at any time 82 (3.83%)
Do not plan on buying a DVD burner at any time 82 (3.83%)
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What are your plans regarding recordable DVD drives? | 9 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Hes Nikke on Apr 01, '03 06:45:11PM

i'm going to be getting an internal super drive as a gift, therefore i chose will be buying within the next 6 months

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heh, missing an option
Authored by: imacusr on Apr 01, '03 09:36:36PM

One of our Macs has a SuperDrive, but we've never used it as one....

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Authored by: Mr. X on Apr 01, '03 11:25:42PM

after looking at external DVDR drives it seems the Sony ones are way better than th Panasonic "super" drives... I'm waiting a while to see if we get some kind of compatibility at some point...

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no plans
Authored by: Greenfruit on Apr 05, '03 04:55:01PM

i have no plans, but my new mac at work (OS9 bootable 1.2ghz DP) has one, ive yet to use though - but it is only a week old so thats why. I dont think i need to burn dvds anyway but i guess its there if i need to.

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Authored by: Accura on Apr 07, '03 03:29:02AM

Can be used as backup media, very handy

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Price, not time, is the factor for me
Authored by: hotchili on Apr 08, '03 12:32:40PM

I don't really have a pressing need for a DVD burner, when they come down to near $100 for an internal is when I'll be purchasing (I'm guessing that will be within a year, so that's what I'm voting for).

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sony drive
Authored by: liquidgood on Apr 09, '03 01:14:13PM

admittedly, i was pretty pissed off when apple released the powerbooks with superdrives right after i got one; but, it seems the sony dvd±rw drive is better. should be reasonably priced by the summer.

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DVD-R Rules!
Authored by: digitalone on Apr 10, '03 08:44:07PM

I have a new 12in powerbook I ordered with a superdrive, and I love it. I have 4 DVD's with 4.7 GB of MP3's, leaving my laptop with plenty of room on the hard drive for all my VCD and SVCD movies. I burn them to DVD when I have seen them for long term storage. If its something I really want to have on my, or someone else's, DVD player, like movies, music, or pictures, I just burn a DVD. Plus, a DVD sure makes backing up a 60GB and 120 GB drive alot easier!!!

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External Home Theatre
Authored by: Power Factor on Apr 11, '03 10:37:42AM

I have been planning on buying a DVD recorder with internal hard drive to replace my VCR but have found current models rather disappointing.
The features I want are available, just not all in the same machine.

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