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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?

1/1: What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?

10.6 14,845 (68.23%)
10.5 4,611 (21.19%)
10.4 1,716 (7.89%)
10.3 235 (1.08%)
10.2 62 (0.28%)
10.1 28 (0.13%)
10.0 19 (0.09%)
10.0 Public Beta 242 (1.11%)
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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS? | 46 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: kainewynd2 on Oct 12, '09 06:53:15AM

I usually wait until a version jumps up to at least 10.x.2 before upgrading to the latest release, but the nature of Snow Leopard made me jump on a couple days before the 10.6.1 update came out. A release created entirely to optimize the OS? No extra fluff to distract programmers and engineers?

I'll take that gamble... and so far, so good. :)

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Authored by: UberFu on Oct 13, '09 11:58:29AM

Except that Apple as usual has changed enough to make 3rd Party compatibility a mess.

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Authored by: flunkycarter on Nov 13, '09 08:39:51PM


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Multiple choice poll
Authored by: pjdraud on Oct 12, '09 07:17:30AM

Maybe you should consider allowing people to select multiple options in the poll. I'm sure many readers also have multiple machines running different versions of OS X.

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Multiple choice poll
Authored by: mmnw on Oct 12, '09 07:23:08AM

Yeah, that may be statistically relevant and interesting. But then, how do you distinguish people with several machines who did upgrade all of them? I guess this simple question is not up the task to get a complete view.

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Multiple choice poll
Authored by: robg on Oct 12, '09 07:38:00AM

The version of Geeklog we're running doesn't support multiple answers, so it can't be done.

The next version has some more-complex polls, but I'm not sure if "more than one" multi-choice is one of the options or not.


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Multiple choice poll
Authored by: foresmac on Oct 12, '09 07:37:24AM

Maybe it's best to answer it as "what is the OS on your main machine?" I'm sure there are far more users that have one Mac than multiples, and the percentage that don't use one particular machine more often that others is likely statistically insignificant in regards to the data the poll is trying to glean.

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Multiple choice poll
Authored by: UberFu on Oct 13, '09 12:10:41PM
What is the Primary OS you use most?

By: mmnw
Yeah, that may be statistically relevant and interesting. But then, how do you distinguish people with several machines who did upgrade all of them? I guess this simple question is not up the task to get a complete view.
They could be added in as options in the Poll.

- running 2 OS versions 10.3 and 10.4
- running 2 OS versions 10.3 and 10.5
- running 2 OS versions 10.4 and 10.5
- running 2 OS versions 10.3 and 10.6
- running 2 OS versions 10.4 and 10.6
- running 2 OS versions 10.5 and 10.6
- running 3 OS versions 10.3 and 10.4 and 10.5
- running 3 OS versions 10.3 and 10.4 and 10.6
- running 3 OS versions 10.4 and 10.5 and 10.6
and so on.

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Jumping to SL.
Authored by: operator207 on Oct 12, '09 07:22:36AM

+1 to the multiple selection vote.

I am not jumping to SL, as it does not offer me anything new. A few co workers jumped to SL, and are feeling the "pain" as certain things are not working for them. Until everything I use is working (not in beta or alpha) on SL, I think I will stick to L.

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Multiple Versions
Authored by: ss2cire on Oct 12, '09 07:28:32AM

Yeah I'm running multiple versions too, I have 10.2.8 (several...), 10.3.9, 10.4.11 and 10.5.8

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Other statistics
Authored by: mat79 on Oct 12, '09 07:47:41AM
in case yo didn't know it: has some pretty interesting statistics.

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SL buggy
Authored by: stephen.m on Oct 12, '09 07:48:47AM

Snow Leopard has been buggier for me than I remember previous versions being. A sample of bugs I've experienced: 1) Half my widgets have mysteriously "broken" then "repaired themselves", more than once. 2) The cmd-ctrl-d popup dictionary doesn't work in Safari and Mail—but does work in TextEdit and a couple of third-party text editors. 3) In multiple text editors, SL randomly changes the typeface. In mid-sentence! (One developer told me it's happened to him too, and that it's a system problem.) 4) At least one core services animation effect is choppy instead of smooth. One third-party developer told me he's noticed it too, and that his app merely engages the system effect so he has no control over it.

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Authored by: Lou Kash on Oct 12, '09 07:50:11AM

> "What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?"

Well, *me*, I am running a highly customized and unique version of an OS called "The Consciousness".
Very flexible, complex yet stable.
Haven't rebooted in DECADES...


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Authored by: thaJeztah on Oct 12, '09 03:39:59PM

Yup, also running "The Consciousness", although having sometimes problems waking up from sleep. Do you have that problem? Might be a haxie that I installed, called 'Unconscious' :P

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Authored by: scooby509 on Oct 31, '09 06:45:10PM

I'm happy shelling into Skynet.

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Upgraded too soon...
Authored by: gshurley on Oct 12, '09 08:07:35AM

I upgraded to Snow Leopard before I should have. I use a non-Apple mouse with 8 buttons that I have setup to perform various Expose features, like show desktop, show all windows, etc. However, the button programming does not remain throughout the day. By the end of a typical day, half the buttons no longer do what they are set to do in System Prefs (along with other system prefs not working and other Finder bugs), but if I reboot, everything is, Snow Leopard needs a little more time in the oven before I would recommend anyone switch. Too many (difficult to reproduce) glitches with Finder and System Prefs at this point....I regret upgrading prior to 10.6.2. Next time I will definitely wait for the second bug fix release (or not upgrade at all).

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Want to upgrade but can't
Authored by: kenji on Oct 12, '09 08:31:15AM

I'd upgrade, but at least three programs I use daily are broken or handicapped in 10.6. I'm waiting for upgrades or replacements.

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Want to upgrade but can't
Authored by: horhey23 on Oct 12, '09 10:30:39AM

I'm waiting on app updates/upgrades as well. Every other day I seem to find another app which I use regularly that isn't ready yet.

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Go 10.3 Panther!
Authored by: doneitner on Oct 12, '09 08:32:40AM

I'm on 10.6 myself, but to the 3 people so far who've said they're on 10.3, I still think that was the best (Expose being the single most important feature in OSX history for me, and it being the most stable and reliable that I've run). 10.6.1 isn't bad, though.

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What version of OS X?
Authored by: snaab on Oct 12, '09 08:39:52AM

I have an iMac G5, and thus I can't run Snow Leopard. I have Photoshop 7 and it won't run on anything beyond Tiger. I have two partitions on my iMac, one 10.4 and one 10.5. I live in 10.5 and 10.4 is there when I want to run Photoshop. I am waiting for the new iMac to come (any day now, hopefully!) so I can move up to Snow Leopard.

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What version of OS X?
Authored by: gidds on Oct 12, '09 11:24:16AM

Similar position here. G5 => PowerPC => no 10.6.

Of course, I'll upgrade when I get a new Mac. (Hopefully in the next half-year or so.) But it'll be a big job. I've gone for a Universal Binary every time I've downloaded or upgraded an app in the last year, but there are still plenty of old apps that were PPC-only. And plenty of command-line utilities I compiled myself. (The old "./configure, make, make install" becomes a lot more complex when you need to include two or three architectures!) And some widgets and scripts and plug-ins and droplets and stuff...

In fact, the biggest job will be Cubase. I'm still on Cubase SX, which is PPC-only, so for Intel I need to shell out $BIGDOSH to upgrade to Cubase 5. But I've still got lots of old songs saved with even older versions, which Cubase 5 won't import, so first of all I have to import and re-save them all in Cubase SX. Which is a lot more work than it sounds, given that the importer doesn't work very well, and I've had to recreate some old synth patches, and... Why is life so complicated???


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Authored by: dmnelson on Oct 12, '09 09:02:57AM

My work MacBook Pro and my personal Mac mini are are running 10.6. But I also support roughly 700 MacBooks and iBooks, of which about 2/3 are on 10.4 and 1/3 are on 10.5.

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Authored by: lihtox on Oct 12, '09 09:05:21AM

I got my new MBP a week before Snow Leopard came out, but I'm waiting until I have time to do a pros-and-cons argument on it: what do I gain, what do I lose. It seems to me that I've read about a few features disappearing which I would be disappointed to lose, but I don't remember what they are. Since I was working with 10.4 until August, I'm still happy with the new-OS glow of 10.5. (Though the purple nebula graphic finally got on my nerves; I changed that last week. :)

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10.5.8 on 12" PB
Authored by: vexingv on Oct 12, '09 09:13:59AM

If SL was supported on my machine I'd upgrade to it. But right now, I'm waiting until the MBP gets updated w/ the new Intel architecture.

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10.5.8 on 12" PB
Authored by: boxcarl on Oct 12, '09 10:25:15AM

You mean some chip past the Core 2 Duo, right? 'Cause the MBP has been Intel since forever.

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Multiple choices...
Authored by: Anonymous on Oct 12, '09 09:32:29AM

You just need three questions. One for each machine, in order of importance. Your fourth and subsequent machines are of little relevance.

Then present it as four graphs:


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Authored by: Jonathan David on Oct 12, '09 10:40:48AM

Since my G5 iMac will not run Snow Leopard, the poll is rather academic.

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OS X and Beyond!
Authored by: cargoplex on Oct 12, '09 10:56:09AM

Who are the two people running 10.0 Public Beta?? haha I personally love all my Macs to be up to date with the latest and newest features available for them. It saddens me that my trusty TiBook will forever be stuck with Leopard, but I'm already pushing it using a 7-8 year old Mac anyways. Long live Snow Leopard!


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SL -- maybe in a year if bugs are out
Authored by: fyngyrz on Oct 12, '09 11:05:16AM

As it stands, there's no reason to do it. Other than break a lot of things... that's not a reasonable trade for speed when I already have a fast machine, or space, when space is inexpensive.

SL is *full* of bugs, and quite aside from the bugs, there's a very long list of things that no longer work under it.

No, not interested. My system works fine as is. And you know the old engineering adage... if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But - I do appreciate you folks testing it for me. :)


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Can't afford to replace my PPC machines
Authored by: gshenaut on Oct 12, '09 11:25:07AM

Between my lab and my home, I have 16 Macs, and only 9 of them are Intels, not including our two G5 servers. Replacing all the PPCs is in the works, but it won't be happening for some time. By staying with Leopard, I can still use the same software on all. Maybe I should take up a collection... Spare change, anyone?

Greg Shenaut

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Authored by: rab777hp on Oct 12, '09 01:48:53PM

haha- 10.0 public beta

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Split systems
Authored by: Felix on Oct 12, '09 02:32:28PM

Three machines with 10.6.1 plus a PPC iMac in the kitchen which is maxed at 10.5.8.

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Snow Leopard runs so smoothly
Authored by: mc_razza on Oct 12, '09 03:43:28PM

I'm currently on Snow Leopard 10.6.1. Last year I switched to a mac after 7 years of Windows XP and PC usage. I was immediately impressed with Mac OS X.
Up until the release of Snow Leopard I have never upgraded my computer's OS so it was a little scary upgrading from leopard to Snow leopard but the installation went fine without a hitch. Snow Leopard is fast, solid and reliable. 10.6 all the way, baby!

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An observation
Authored by: lihtox on Oct 12, '09 08:29:34PM

One should note the bias in this survey: once a new OS comes in, it gets the lion's share of the posted hints, so users of older versions may tend to read the site less often. Therefore it's only natural that the poll is weighted heavily towards 10.6.

This isn't a criticism (it's just a fun poll), mind you; just an observation.

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I am stuck on 10.4
Authored by: ps2os2 on Oct 12, '09 09:38:26PM

I will remain on 10.4 forever or until either :

A: Mac brings Classic Back.
B: Word Perfect is rewritten to not need Classic.

I do not want or need any of the new features in anything pass 10.4

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Multiple versions also here...
Authored by: Sven G on Oct 13, '09 03:28:26AM

10.6.1 on a MacBook Pro 15" and a Mac mini; 10.5.8 on an iBook G4 14" and a Power Mac G4 (AGP); 10.3.9 on a Bondi Blue iMac, even if I would like to try to upgrade it to 10.4.11.

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Authored by: UberFu on Oct 13, '09 12:02:01PM

Rob - I was tempted to X-mas tree this - lloked like fun. But I went practical.

10.5 @ work
10.4 - 10.5* - 10.6 @ home


System stability on SL is great - like it much better than Leo. Still leaves room for improvement. MIssing stability for various 3rd Party Apps as per Apple usual changes.

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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: digidan on Oct 18, '09 03:48:52AM

Yah, we need a multiple selection option. My OS's:

Macbook Pro: 10.6 (also, Windows XP SP3 in Boot Camp...)
Powerbook G4 1.67: 10.5
PowerMac G4 Quicksilver: 10.4, 9.2.2
iMac G3 (a highly updated Flower Power ed): 10.4, 10.3, 9.2.2
PowerMac G4 Sawtooth, and a iMac G3 DVSE: 10.3, 9.2.2
Playstation 3: XMB and Ubuntu 9.04 PPC ;-) (No, not a Mac, but still awesome)

I'd say that 10.3 is the most stable (had my iMac DVSE with 256 MB RAM running for 3 months once), but Tiger is close. Panther is also far faster on the old hardware than Tiger, but many of my essential apps are Tiger-and-up only. Snow Leopard is less buggy compared to PPC Leopard, in my experience, although Intel Leopard was about as stable once it matured. Now if only I could find a startup disk for my rescued Mac SE...

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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: agentx on Oct 21, '09 03:20:31PM

Macbook Pro(new): 10.6
Macbook Pro(dead) : 10.6
Macbook :10.5
Powerbook G4 1.67: 10.5
Powerbook G4 867 : 10.4
PowerMac G4 533 : Server 10.4
PowerMac G4 1.4 : Server 10.5
Emac : 10.3 eeeeekkkkkkk !

Oh they all have their pro's and con's but got to love Mac OS...;-)

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Public Beta
Authored by: leamanc on Oct 26, '09 08:06:47AM

How can anyone possibly be running the OS X Public Beta? It had an expiration date hard-coded into it. What software could you possibly use on it?

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What about Mac OS X Developer Release 3?
Authored by: Krioni on Jan 18, '10 07:44:40PM

If you're going to include the public beta, why not Mac OS X Developer Release 3? or even DR2? Ah, the classic old Mac interface skinned onto UNIX.


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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: OmniDragon on Nov 08, '09 07:57:44AM

Yeah, I think it would be better if the question were reworded to ask: "What OS are you using to read this question right now?" or maybe "If you're running Mac OS to read this question, which version are you using?"

Leave it to a bunch of geeks to nitpick over the parameters of the survey, rather than just answering it. lol o_o

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What version of OS X ?
Authored by: rjmorita on Nov 19, '09 12:32:21PM

The ONLY reason I have not upgraded to Snow Leopard is because it won't install on my G5. Right now, I cannot justify buying a new machine just to run the new OS.

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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: vtmac on Dec 27, '09 09:25:18PM

10.5.8, Guess I'm to chicken to upgrade to 10.6 maybe because I hear to many stories about Snow Leopard not working with Bootcamp or I'm wrong?.

PS: If I take the changes to upgrade to 10.6, is there anything i know or will it help run my system better. my Mac is 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, I've partition my hard driver used BootCamp 2.2 and gave 128 Gig to window using Vista.


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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: fmlogue on Jan 05, '10 10:09:37PM

The poll results showing that 10.0 public beta has a higher percentage than 10.3 must be a geek joke, especially since it, (10.0 public beta), doesn't work anymore. <g>

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What version of OS X are you running as your main OS?
Authored by: digidan on Jan 19, '10 11:23:56PM

Yah, if you can update the poll for multiple selections, or "ranked selections", that would work.

I use 10.6 on both of my primary Macs (a 2007 MacBook Pro and a new 27" iMac). Snow Leopard seems much faster and more stable than leopard on my MacBook, although a lot of older third party software has issues with SL, that's true.

On the other hand, my trusty Quicksilver G4 is happily purring away with Tiger. I suppose I could update to Leopard, although with a 733 mhz G4, it might be a bit slow.

However, my family and I have had issues with Leopard on PPC. My parents' dual-1.8 G5 is having major stability issues as of late, after updating to Leopard. However, considering how much worse the stability/video glitches/kernel panics are after upgrading from a 1024x768 to a 1080p monitor, I think the stock video card may be giving out. My old PowerBook G4 (1.67 2005 model) has never worked well, but is horribly unstable at times with Leopard. If my sister (who is now using it) didn't need Leopard compatibility, I'd downgrade it "back to a more familiar user experience" so to speak. ;)

I still use my old iMac G3 with 10.3.9 and 9.2.2! :)

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