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If you use a news (RSS) reader, which one do you use?

1/1: If you use a news (RSS) reader, which one do you use?

AmphetaDesk 6 (0.52%)
DesktopRSS 5 (0.43%)
Feed 10 (0.86%)
FeedMe 2 (0.17%)
MulleNewz 1 (0.09%)
NetNewsWire (or Lite) 471 (40.60%)
NewsFan 1 (0.09%)
NewsFire 155 (13.36%)
NewsMac 21 (1.81%)
NewsTicker 10 (0.86%)
NewsYouCanUse 4 (0.34%)
PulpFiction (or Lite) 59 (5.09%)
RSS Menu 18 (1.55%)
RSSOwl 4 (0.34%)
Sage (Firefox plug-in) 81 (6.98%)
Shrook 17 (1.47%)
SlashDock 45 (3.88%)
Tickershock 10 (0.86%)
TofuRSSBrowser 1 (0.09%)
Other 121 (10.43%)
Other 118 (10.17%)
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If you use a news (RSS) reader, which one do you use? | 22 comments | Create New Account
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Sorry if your favorite was left out...
Authored by: robg on Mar 17, '05 02:18:24PM

I only have room for 20 selections, so I had to leave a few off the list. Feel free to add the name of your favorite program here as a comment if you had to vote "Other."


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Other - Thunderbird
Authored by: nKhona on Mar 17, '05 03:28:40PM

I like Thunderbird, keeps my mail and news in one place.

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Other - Thunderbird
Authored by: davco9200 on Mar 29, '05 12:17:39PM

I second this -- I like having it checked and organized with my e-mail. I fnid that I do both tasks at the same time, so I it is handy to have them in one place.

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Authored by: peagiddy on Mar 17, '05 04:59:32PM

I regularly use Sage, but I think Lektora deserves a mention for the "other" category.

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Authored by: Brontojoris on Mar 17, '05 05:02:12PM

I voted other, I use Bloglines. The best thing is that it can remember which feeds you've read between multiple computers.

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Authored by: wolfy on Mar 17, '05 06:28:48PM

I roll my own as needed.


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SlashDock for me
Authored by: gaoshan on Mar 17, '05 09:28:36PM

It is the only one of the options that is unobtrusive and stays out of the way. I really don't need another bloated app taking up gobs of desktop real estate and SlashDock, sitting only in the dock and nowhere else, fits the bill perfectly. Love it.

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Authored by: Wintermute on Mar 18, '05 05:48:04AM

So far I have let Opera handle my feeds. Not satisfactory, but neither is any of the other readers I found. PulpFiction looks promising though.

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Forgot the "no RSS" option..
Authored by: Rud on Mar 18, '05 03:40:51PM

Actually, this is quite an oversight :)

I haven't taken the time to properly evaluate RSS readers, but Sage was, well, unhelpful when I tried it. So I'm still doing it the old-fashioned way.

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Forgot the "no RSS" option..
Authored by: robg on Mar 22, '05 04:30:40PM
It's not forgotten, it's included in the question: If you use a ..." :)


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Other: gnus nnrss
Authored by: grigora on Mar 19, '05 06:41:21AM

I'm a happy user of gnus nnrss reader.

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Authored by: digitol on Mar 20, '05 04:52:17AM

I Use my Slimdevices Squeeze box for my RSS feeds because i'm cooler than you and I know it! :)

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Love the idea of RSS . . .
Authored by: bedouin on Mar 21, '05 10:05:19PM

but would rather wait until it is integrated into Safari when Tiger is released. I'm not really interested in running another app specifically for it.

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Authored by: dhopkins76 on Mar 22, '05 05:16:33PM does it for me. I love that I can read my feeds anywhere with a browser and am not constrained to one computer.

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Second option: Firefox browser
Authored by: dzurn on Mar 23, '05 01:58:44PM

I use NetNewsWire Lite, but FireFox offers RSS headlines that show up as a folder in the bookmarks bar with a neat icon to indicate a dynamic bookmark. It's not really an RSS reader since you only see headlines unless you click on one, and then it opens in a browser page.

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Second option: Firefox browser
Authored by: mkutny on Mar 24, '05 07:32:46PM

I've tried a few too, but since I'm in Firefox most of the day, regardless of which Mac (or PC) I'm using, I just use the "Live Bookmark" feed option. I scan for articles I want to read (such as on OS X Hints) and click... I'm there. Simple, without the baggage of yet another program to keep running all the time.

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Authored by: Blag on Mar 25, '05 10:45:22PM

I use Kontent, which is an RSS headline widget for Konfabulator. It's nice, since you can set up multiple RSS feeds that appear in different tabs. It's another one of those RSS programs that displays just the headline, opening up the body of the news item in a browser when you click on it.

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Authored by: randalla on Mar 26, '05 09:06:14PM

The version of Safari that comes with 10.4 has built in RSS support (and quite nice too). You can get the new version of Safari off of Apple's Developer site now, before 10.4 comes out.

There are other neat things that 10.4 will provide as well, such as the RSS Visualizer screen saver, as seen on Engadget:

Okay, back to being sick.


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Authored by: Bruno-L on Mar 29, '05 06:02:05PM

Could you please give a pointer to where on the developer pages the new Safari is available? Ive been looking all over, following your message, but havent found it yet..

Thanks alot

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Not strictly RSS readers...
Authored by: JKT on Mar 28, '05 07:47:07AM

Though not strictly RSS readers, I use both OmniWeb's built in RSS aggregator and Watson's Meerkat plug-in.

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Authored by: macosxphile on Mar 28, '05 11:02:08AM

PulpFiction is awesome. I think that if more people gave it a try, they find that it's much nicer than NNW, and the others.

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Authored by: Fenris64 on Mar 30, '05 11:46:31AM

While it can be a drag to only read brief synopsis' or headlines, longer text is difficult to read on my iPod Photo...

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